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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Women do love tattoo and in fact many of them prefer those designs more cool than the men.  Tribal tattoo is now the trend in tattoo designs so you can be with the rest of those regular people with tattoos on their backs.   Tribal tattoo is a combination of classic, Gothic, symbolic,animistic and culturistic imaginations put together in one single art work.  Men love tribal tattoo it symbolizes strength and animalistic sense of appearance and when ever you see someone wearing his tribal tattoo you always fascinate its matching.  In this new generation of tattoo world women are now trying to level with men in terms of everything and that includes tattoo.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Nurses Talk -Tattoo care is one important thing to consider when you are having some artworks on you body.  Many have suffered skin problems and health issues due to they don’t know how to take care their skin with ink on it.  It is not really difficult to take care your Tattooed skin, it is only a matter of discipline and proper hygienic procedures should be done to maintain your skin healthy and of course to keep that artwork stays forever.

Here are the most important things that you should put your mind before deciding to have a tattoo:

·         Before you get your skin tattooed you better have a good sleep and make sure you have a good meal before heading to the tattoo artist.  The reason why you have to do this is because it will take time for the artist to do some artworks on your skin so if you are hungry and the tattoo artist is busy then you have to hold that hunger or the design will be ruin.  Furthermore it is very tiring and stressful being on that chair waiting for the tattoo artist to finish his job.

·          You should not drink alcohol or take some aspirin before you going to the tattoo artist.  Alcohol and aspirin can cause thinning of your blood and of course you bleed more during the process.  

·         If you just got a new tattoo on your skin, it is still in the process of healing so you should avoid hot tubs, swimming pools and you must not soak in bathubs. It is advisable that you wait for your skin to get healed and your tattoo will become clearer and crisp.  Fresh tattooed skin is susceptible to infection and public pools and water are easy sources of bacteria.  Another thing soaking your tattooed skin can cause the scab to come off too soon, which can also hurt your new tattoo.

·         If you have a very long session you better bring someone to drive you home, it is natural that you get dizzy  and tired by the long period of lying and easing the pain from the process. 
One more thing if you have allergies or any history to skin problems or health issues, you better consult your doctor first.  If negative, make sure you are not allergic to latex, petroleum products because you will be smelling all these stuff during the tattoo session.

Taking Care of a Healing Tattoo

·         You should not pick at the scab on your new tattoo

·         You can shower with your tattoo.  But do not soak it too long, wash it gently with a mild, natural soap using just your fingertips. Rinse quickly and make sure when you dry off to pat (not brush/scrape) the tattooed area.
·         When you put ointment on it make sure it has no lanolin or petroleum jelly contents on your ointment, as these stuff can clog your pores and often contributed to the ink healing out.
·         You should put sunscreen on it, because it can cause skin irritation.
·         Always cover it with soft clothing and do not expose it to sunlight. Sunburn can destroy the colors of your tattoos.
Good luck and I hope you will have a wonderful tattoo on your body!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Nurses Talk - When I see someone with tribal tattoo I would say "Awesome design"!  Tribal tattoo is the hit now in most guys and gals out there who wants to put some artworks on their body.  Tattoo is no joke because if your design is lame it will cause you a lot of pain to remove that mistake.  So get into Tribal designs because no matter what it looks like, it always look cool and nice and guess what most women loves it.   Tribal tattoo does not require so many colors to complete the tattoo, all you need is simply a one black ink formed in a series of lines and curves that at the end becomes an abstract art.

If you are looking for best Tribal tattoo artist try to visit Philippines they know a lot about tribal and of course Tattoos, Filipinos are not new to tattoos they are experts in conventional tattoo art and tribal tattoo.  For many years their ancestors artistic culture are being infuse to the modern art and that includes Tattoo business.   Though I would say many artist may have different ideas and concepts when we talk about tribal designs for Tattoo, but that does not make any sense because there are thousands of variations of Tribal arts.Many tattoo artist have their own perception of tribal art, but truth be told, there are many varieties of tribal design.

Best Tribal tattoo designs are those which are created in edgy floral form,crazy lighting,exploding sun, or Polynesian designs. With the use of dark colors and a combination of Tribal Arts that's how to get a very cool and artistic tattoo.  These  tribal tattoos are popularly seen throughout the arms, hips, some in the legs, chest and even in the face like Mike Tyson. To most women they love the Tribal Tattoo place on the lower back of their body, but to some women they love to place it on their ankles and lower chest.

Here are some of the best Tribal Tattoo designs you can choose from: