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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Teenage Pregnancy and Pre-marital sex
Author: Teapot

The continuous search for love and contentment gives us the idea that if we're in a relationship, we instantly get these things but no we don't. The love we are looking for, the attention we seek, the contentment we keep on searching for can not be found in another person. Why is it that we look for love? Why is it that we crave for attention? Because we don't get them from the people who are supposed to be giving it to us and that is our families or whoever matters to us the most. A lot of teenagers feel so unloved, feel so ignored in their own homes that they've decided to look for it outside of their homes.

We find a partner yet it is not yet enough. Here's the thing, love is always enough. Enough to forgive, enough to understand, enough to trust, enough to change a person. Yet why are we hurrying? We all know that sex is supposed to be after marriage yet if love is enough wait, why can't we? Is the love not enough? Pre-marital sex, and then when the girl gets pregnant the guy suddenly disappears, the relationship collapses and we end up with nothing but regrets. Now, can you still call that love? There is a right person out there for you and you should know that. Here's the thing, if you are aware that the right is out there and you believe that someday, somehow you two will meet, you will reserve yourself because we don't want the right person to receive what is left of us.