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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Friendzone is the new word right now that sound's cool in the ears, but once you get involve in a friendzone situation, well  it's kinda difficult to understand.  The word was first started in youtube video popularized by some cool celebrities in Manila, and friendzone story came to knock the minds of every young kids who eventually had experienced of that friendzone situation.  Now, many wanted to make a video of their own experiences.  Sound's corny, but it's the trendee now....Friendzone...ahahahaha.

So, what to do?  Let's start, I was able to interview Mr. Scanhead from the Artworks of Scanhead, What the fuck is Scanhead anyways? Anyways, he had shared some good stuff about how to prepare for Friendzone production that does not require you to spend thousands of pesos from your parents pockets, just to make that corny short film. 

Friday, August 31, 2012

Author: Teepot
Sometimes we wonder whenever we see a couple wherein the guy is a western man (he could be American, French, or Canadian) and the girl is a Filipina. We all know the negative street talk about this kind of relationship but we shouldn’t always look at it that way. In this article, we will look at it from a different perspective. 

We will tackle why the man decided to be with that woman. Well, obviously the man isn’t racist. That’s for sure because he wouldn’t dare go near a Filipina if he was.
A Filipina is known to be very hospitable (Filipinos, actually.) She is family-oriented, loving and caring towards her family members, respects her elders, and fears the Lord. She is humble in terms of race, she knows the stand of her country, but that doesn’t mean she is ashamed of being a Filipina. A Filipina has moral values and sticks to it.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

We all say that love is the reason why two people stick together, but if love starts moving to somebody else, well its gonna be a big problem.  The feeling of losing  your feelings to your partner (boyfriend or girlfriend)  is the reason why there are so many cheating cases happening in this world.  Love is the food in every relationship we should always feed it with affection, understanding, care, etc.  If love is gone anything could happen that will surely destroy the wonderful relationship you have.  So if your feeling starts fading then be responsible not to give up so easily on your relationship, there is always a solution and there is always a way to bring that feelings alive again.  So here are great stories about how to handle situation like this.
Here are reliable answers from our friends online on how to handle yourself when your love one is in love to someone else:
She seems unsure as to act on her feelings even though she most likely knows how you feel too. She probably does like someone else because it is possible but i would wait if you really want to be with her. If she is sure that she would want to be with you she would not hold back and so she is unsure at the moment.
Just wait for her and if you do, she'll definitely come around to find that you are willing to wait for her.

I'm the girl in your situation. I'm in love with someone but i cant have him and i know that. its almost impossible for me to think about liking anyone else but finally i found a guy that i think i may really actually like, so i told him my situation. I'm obviously not going to fall out of love with the other guy immediately but having a new guy to get to know and have fun with is really helpping me move on from my first love. I'm not using him by any means...i actually really do like him and he understands whats going on with me. give her time...she does like you and she will eventually get over the other guy. just make sure you don't hurt her.
It's possible to love someone who loves someone else. It happens all the time. It's not a healthy situation to be in and can be quite miserable. Look at it this way. There is someone out there who would love for you to love THEM. If the one you are in love with now loves someone else there's nothing you can do. He or she may be in that very situation too for all you know - the person he or she loves may love someone else. You deserve to be loved just like everyone else and while I know you can't just suddenly stop loving someone you have to live your life the best that you can. Get out and enjoy your life, socialize, try your best to have fun. If the relationship is meant to be it eventually will be. But in the meantime don't stop living your life for this person. I wasted over two years of my life for someone who couldn't care less about me, was almost ruined financially because he caused me to lose my job, I was forced to take a horrible job (no other jobs were available) wherein I was required to work hundreds of hours overtime in a year and never got paid for it (not yet at least), and was the subject of verbal abuse and intimidation at the horrible job I had to take in order to support myself. I walked around in a fog - in LaLa Land, totally in love with the person and making excuses for his behavior. I never did anything wrong to deserve what I got. Never got an explanation. No apology. Nothing. I finally realized that he was rocking along enjoying his life, doing well in his career, and probably never gave me a second thought after drop-kicking me into the twilight zone. So try this: Place a value on yourself. Realize that you deserve love, you are capable of loving someone, and you have a lot to offer someone. Do not waste your time mooning over someone who is probably off enjoying his life with someone else. This doesn't mean you are supposed to instantly stop loving that person but over time you will learn to live with it and will move past it. Someone eventually will come along who WILL love you, appreciate you, and will sweep you off your feet! I've heard of a country song (I'm not a country music fan) but it's called Thank God for Unanswered Prayers. I've never even heard all of the song but I can say from experience that it's a good title. There have been so many times that I was grateful a few prayers of mine weren't answered as I found out later that the job I really, really wanted ended up being a horrible job with a horrible boss and a high turnover - they couldn't keep one single person there. Another time was over a guy. I was in my early 20s. I thought he was "it on a stick." I found out much later that what he pretended to be and what he actually was were two totally different things. I was very thankful that prayer wasn't answered too. Life is too short. Live your life as best you can. Things will work out the way they are supposed to.
I think that men always want to feel number one and that they probably won't get over the thought that she might want someone else more.
BUT I think that you could be her number one, once she starts having a relationship with you. If you are having a happy relationship she has no reason to leave you for someone else, and she will as well has doubts that this other guy might drop her again.

I think it's still a little too early for him to jump into a relationship with her. She was so in love with her ex that she was willing to throw things away with this guy in order to get back with the ex, but since he didn't want her now she's ready to move on?
Sorry, but I wouldn't chance it. I think she's not over the ex and if he comes back wanting her to be with him, you'll likely be dumped to the side just as you were before.

Things to do...
  1. You have to get the thought of that person out of your mind. This can be done by getting busy with something else. Make sure you're not left all by yourself with your thoughts.
  2. Always think of the mistakes of the person, this will help you build up a negative perception of that person.
  3. Stay emotional balanced by attending social gatherings (not clubs, or any where where lovers are).
  4. Attend sporting exercises that are a bit physical like lawn tennis, swimming, football etc. This will help shake your thoughts out and bring you out of yourself.
  5. Read the bible and get to know Jesus. (This actually works magically).

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cheating Issues - What will you do if you caught him cheating? Well many spouses would rather kill their husbands..hehehe, its only a joke.  Let's get serious because it is really a very serious topic especially for a married couple experiencing issues in their relationship.  Solving the problem of your husband who is having an affair requires serious patience and understanding.  You must go to the root on how it all started and  when you have a  good discussion with him you must willing to listen.  What ever is your conclusion to his explanation you must always remember that you are married to him and you have children who love their father too.
Here is a cool explanation of a Married woman regarding that problem:

I just finished reading an excellent book that deals about marriage issues.  The book is entitled: The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands and was written by Dr. Laura Schlessinger. I did not buy this book until I heard it from my book lover friends.   They advised me that the book has many good advises about marriage and etc.  Most of my friends are married and they had problems with their husbands, but they said the book helped them to overcome their problems and in fact it changed them to become perfect housewives. So I bought one copy and I started to read it. I saw myself within its pages, I had read the reason on why he changed and the fading of his desire towards me.  The lack of desire  was destructive to not only to  our marriage, but to the well being of our family.  I found out that the reason why he was losing his desire for me was my being too selfish to him.   But after reading the book, I understood ( finally) that  I must loosen some bolts of my behavior, my husband has every right for the betterment of the family and our relationship.  Dr. Laura explained that there are many things we do in life that we are not really in the mood for. for example: do you simply stop working because you are not in the mood to go to work? Does she stop washing or cooking simply because she is not in the mood to do the laundry this month? Or does she let the baby cry and cry because she is tired or not in the mood to care for her child? And I finally understood each person has the need to be loved and cared, and as a family, we must meet these needs for one another.

Here are the best tips from The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands that can help you:

Try to find out the root cause

When you finally could set your mind at rest, talk to him privately. Ask him why he is cheating. Is he bored with you? Has he lost interest to you? Could be that he is cheating because you don’t care about him? Regardless if you still want to be with him or not, knowing the root cause can help you prevent similar incident in the future. Understand this; there are 2 types of man; one that would always looking for some meaningless wild sex and the other that try to find a new romance. Some women might be able to accept the first, but rarely can accept the latter.

Give him a piece of your mind

After hearing all his side of the story from him, now it is your turn to talk. You have the right to yell at him. You are a tsunami of pain, sadness and anger. Take it all out on him. Cheating is by far worse than a polygamous.

Time to decide

When both sides of the stories are told, now it is time to decide. Regardless the root cause of the cheating, you must decide what works best for you. Can you accept & forgive the fact that he had cheated on you? Would you stay by him knowing that there is a chance that he might do that again? Don’t try to keep the broken relationship just because you had been with him for long time. This is personal and the right decision is not the same for all women. If you decide to end the relationship, end it gracefully.

Giving him another chance

If you decide to give him another chance, do not seek for revenge. Having an affair just to get even with him does not make sense. No one would benefit from that. When you have chosen to accept and forgive, payback is not justified. Everybody makes mistake. Since you have made the decision, you should not invoke this matter during future arguments. Evoking the incident is not going to make things better instead it might cause other issues in your relationship.

Seek Counseling

The next step is to seek for couples counseling. It is generally performed by a family therapist. Couples counseling is a confidential and non judgmental process that is aimed to help a couple to better understand and manage problems in the relationship.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

When we discuss age differences in relationships, we are reminded of the famous couple Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. Looking at their successful relationship, despite the enormous difference in age, one often wonders, "Is the age difference in relationships really matter?"

Well, the answer really depends on the foundations of the relationship. Age Differences in relationships are not much of a problem if the intentions of both parties while entering the relationship are straightforward. If an older person looking for a girl just to re-assure himself that he was still sexually attractive, or if a younger man dating an older woman on her way just because of his seeking security, and so the relationship is doomed from the start. But if the relationship is based on similar interests and values, with strong chemistry, so it is bound to stand the test, despite the age gap.

In fact, age differences in relationships can sometimes have very positive effects on both parties. Often it is seen that a younger partner brings most of the energy and spark of life in older partners. Simultaneously, the older partner gives the younger partner in the much needed emotional stability. The reverse may be age differences would be very difficult, especially in social situations where both parties find it difficult to adjust to each other, other friends and family. So for all people concerned about this issue in the relationship and age difference, here are some helpful relationship advices.
Tips on how to handle differences in the relationship Age

when dealing with age differences in relationships, the first thing you need to do is to remember to say, "Age is just a number" and follow it. If you have a younger partner, do not brag about it to your friends or family. Even while talking to your partner is not acting as a parent. You have a partner, so you must act like one. In this case the partner is older, to do the same, namely to act as a straight man.

For older women dating younger men, large age differences in relationships can create a lot of uncertainty. An older woman can always be concerned that a young woman will steal her husband. And if the woman is younger and the older person, the person may experience the same feelings. This can create a lot of self-esteem issues. In cases like these, is the right thing to do to have a talk with your partner and re-insure through your actions and words, from time to time about your love for them.

Another consideration issues that couples with age difference face is the inequality in the tastes of music, movies or television. The older partner may be interested in reading a book or watch TV staying indoors. On the other hand, the younger partner may always up for outdoor activities like going to a disc or playing sports. In such situations, couples should not escape generational gap on this issue, because such differences were found in the same age partners. The right thing to do in this situation is to go in for activities that one partner likes a weekend and go through the selection of the other is next weekend.

Like any normal, healthy relationship requires a relationship with a considerable age gap between partners a great commitment from both. There are always people, whether they are friends or relatives who already have something or other to say about the acceptable age difference in relationships and even renewed pressure you think. Standing by your partner in such a situation, and keep in mind that compatibility is more important than a number that will help you in your relationship work. Someone has just said, "Age is strictly a case of mind over matter. If you do not mind, it does not matter."