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Saturday, June 16, 2012

What are your steps if you are in love with your best friend? This is a very popular scenario in most friendship; you feel in love and don’t know what to do.  If you are in love with your best friend and if you are going let it out the feelings, there are two possible outcomes that you probably experience. The first is that he or she will say the same feelings as yours and the other one is that he or she might tell you the opposite of the first that he or she does not have any romantic feelings for you and this could end up a good friendship in most cases.  This is what we called crossing the line from the friendship border and what ever outcomes you will face from telling your feelings, there is a possibility that you might lose the good friendship that you share with him or her.  It is very clear that crossing the line is a risk so you have to think it over and over again before doing so.

The perfect relationship guidance to deal with such situation is to give some time to ponder things first before making any move of expressing your feelings.  Take your time in understanding whether your feelings for her or him are really true or is it just a fascination.  Try to ask your self "Am i really in love with my best friend?" then here are reliable signs of being in love which will help you to outline out your feelings to your best friend.

Am I really in Love to My Best Friend?  Know the Signs of Love

if you are really in love to your best friend try to find out whether it is just a physical attraction or really emotional.  Having a close friend we show care and physical attraction, that emotionally we have reservations and limitations.  But if you truly care for your best friend's well being, you will make ways to make him or her happy and if you feel if you are a kind of friend who will do everything for her happiness then most likely you are in love.

When you are in love with someone, the other person is always on your mind. Thinking about the moments you two spend together invariably brings a smile to your face. You remember each and every of his likes, dislikes, whims, etc. When you go out, you make plans keeping the other person's interests in mind. If you feel you are doing the same, it is one of the signs that you are falling for your best friend.

It is frequently seen that people who are in love want to appear their best, particularly when they meet the person they are falling for. If you started to change your fashion and style just to impress her or him, then you have started to have those great feelings of Love.

Most likely we trust our friends it’s very common we trust our best friends, but still we keep some of our secrets. But when started to openly share everything to her or him good or bad news, when your trust and faith to her or him has no limitations or reservations or no limits, then that is something to do with your emotional feelings to your best friend.
And lastly you usually support your best friend when he or she is in love to someone. But when you started to feel jealousy and annoyance from the constant show of attraction from the 3rd party, then you are in love my friend.
The point here is how long you are going to hide your feelings to your best friend?  If you think you are best for her or him face the risk and say the words – I LOVE YOU.
There people who regrets the opportunity in their lives for not telling their feelings to their best friends and they ended in an unsatisfying relationship.  Love has no limits and no boundaries it is not designed for those believe in love at first sights or whatever, but sometimes love comes and grow from friendship.  So face the risk and express your feelings to her or him. 

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cheating Issues - What will you do if you caught him cheating? Well many spouses would rather kill their husbands..hehehe, its only a joke.  Let's get serious because it is really a very serious topic especially for a married couple experiencing issues in their relationship.  Solving the problem of your husband who is having an affair requires serious patience and understanding.  You must go to the root on how it all started and  when you have a  good discussion with him you must willing to listen.  What ever is your conclusion to his explanation you must always remember that you are married to him and you have children who love their father too.
Here is a cool explanation of a Married woman regarding that problem:

I just finished reading an excellent book that deals about marriage issues.  The book is entitled: The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands and was written by Dr. Laura Schlessinger. I did not buy this book until I heard it from my book lover friends.   They advised me that the book has many good advises about marriage and etc.  Most of my friends are married and they had problems with their husbands, but they said the book helped them to overcome their problems and in fact it changed them to become perfect housewives. So I bought one copy and I started to read it. I saw myself within its pages, I had read the reason on why he changed and the fading of his desire towards me.  The lack of desire  was destructive to not only to  our marriage, but to the well being of our family.  I found out that the reason why he was losing his desire for me was my being too selfish to him.   But after reading the book, I understood ( finally) that  I must loosen some bolts of my behavior, my husband has every right for the betterment of the family and our relationship.  Dr. Laura explained that there are many things we do in life that we are not really in the mood for. for example: do you simply stop working because you are not in the mood to go to work? Does she stop washing or cooking simply because she is not in the mood to do the laundry this month? Or does she let the baby cry and cry because she is tired or not in the mood to care for her child? And I finally understood each person has the need to be loved and cared, and as a family, we must meet these needs for one another.

Here are the best tips from The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands that can help you:

Try to find out the root cause

When you finally could set your mind at rest, talk to him privately. Ask him why he is cheating. Is he bored with you? Has he lost interest to you? Could be that he is cheating because you don’t care about him? Regardless if you still want to be with him or not, knowing the root cause can help you prevent similar incident in the future. Understand this; there are 2 types of man; one that would always looking for some meaningless wild sex and the other that try to find a new romance. Some women might be able to accept the first, but rarely can accept the latter.

Give him a piece of your mind

After hearing all his side of the story from him, now it is your turn to talk. You have the right to yell at him. You are a tsunami of pain, sadness and anger. Take it all out on him. Cheating is by far worse than a polygamous.

Time to decide

When both sides of the stories are told, now it is time to decide. Regardless the root cause of the cheating, you must decide what works best for you. Can you accept & forgive the fact that he had cheated on you? Would you stay by him knowing that there is a chance that he might do that again? Don’t try to keep the broken relationship just because you had been with him for long time. This is personal and the right decision is not the same for all women. If you decide to end the relationship, end it gracefully.

Giving him another chance

If you decide to give him another chance, do not seek for revenge. Having an affair just to get even with him does not make sense. No one would benefit from that. When you have chosen to accept and forgive, payback is not justified. Everybody makes mistake. Since you have made the decision, you should not invoke this matter during future arguments. Evoking the incident is not going to make things better instead it might cause other issues in your relationship.

Seek Counseling

The next step is to seek for couples counseling. It is generally performed by a family therapist. Couples counseling is a confidential and non judgmental process that is aimed to help a couple to better understand and manage problems in the relationship.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Nurses Talk - Monthsary is the first special occasion you’ll ever experience in having a relationship, since there’s no weeksary, daysary, hoursary, and of course, there’s no secondsary. Do you still remember your first boyfriend/girlfriend? Seems like the days run just too slow before your most awaited first ever monthsary arrives. Excited and exhausted at the same time? You probably can’t stop thinking what would happen. Practicing what you’re going to do? Hmmn, sounds funny.
Well, monthsaries might not be given much attention, especially by those who are busy. Some may think of it as just a pretty simple occasion to be celebrated, and that, it doesn’t have any significant to a relationship at all. But, on the other hand, monthsary is still a quite important factor to be dealt with in having a love life.
Monthsaries come before any anniversary. Every single activity that you’ve done together with your loved one within those rolling days of your relationship is still worth remembering and celebrating, isn’t it? The rolling months emphasizes that your relationship is growing. It would also be so flattering if your partner would be able to remember the date when you committed yourself to one another; this is particular with the girls. They like to be remembered always. That is, if possible, the guy should think about nothing other than the girl. In short, girls are selfish. Selfish in a way that, they want to be the center of attraction of their guy in every single second that passes by. And in connection to this, girls would feel so sweet if her guy would remember their monthsary. It’s not necessary to buy any stuff, a simple but meaningful greetings will do.

Young teenagers probably won’t get this matter. All that matters for them right now is companionship. Having someone to hang out with is enough for them. Knowing the person more is not so important, what’s important is that they have the same interests. Some are not able to reach even a week together. It’s like; they’re not even giving attention to the idea if they’re really in love or what. So, we suppose, they’re not really into celebrating monthsaries at this point in time right? Maybe someday they’ll do.
            But above these all, it's still up to the couple if they would agree to celebrate their monthsaries or not. Some that already achieve their anniversary aren't celebrating their monthsaries anymore. Occasions really don't matter that much, what's important is the feelings that you have for each other.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Nurses Talk - Hello Nurses out there I know that you are tired with your duties, and I heard there are so many nurses out there having problems with their relationships.  My advise is get a bible and here are wonderful quotes that i believe could enlighten your minds and heart.  The Holy Bible is the only book in the world that has every answer to all out concerns in life. Most of us just consider the Holy Bible as just an ordinary book and we have failed to use the true purpose of this Holy Book. When you go to the gospels of Matthew then to Proverbs you will encounter interesting quotes, which can light-up your day and far as I know could also enhance your wisdom about life. We all know that life is full of cruelty, but that is because we failed to understand our real purpose in this world. So here are some great and wonderful bible quotes which I believe could help you out and guide you in every daily life struggle. God Bless and enjoy!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Nurse Talk -  Many nurses work abroad and leave their love ones behind and what is not good to hear is that they are working in the foreign land for many years. You are left alone and of course your mind is going anywhere and maybe you are asking your self - Is she doing good there? 


Thursday, November 24, 2011

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Nurses TalkI want to do something for me. I want you to imagine that you are married to someone. If you are married to someone you can still participate, just imagine the person you are married to. Now I want you to imagine the point of your marriage where things are rough, difficult, maybe you are not the cute couple you two use to be before. You two use to be sexually active, but now you two are not even sleeping in the same bed. Now I want you to imagine you coming home from work. You get off earlier than usual, and you come home to see a car parked in front of your house. You don't know who it is but you have a feeling like something is not right. Sure enough you enter to find your husband/wife is indeed having a having an affair behind your back.
How do you feel? What do you do? Is this right?


Nurses talk - How to have a good family? Is by keeping your relationship alive and stronger, the more stronger the relationship the more healthy the family. Here is a very interesting article made by bornblond about keeping-up a good family and to avoid divorce.

How to never divorce the big all time question for married couples today.It's no big secret that the divorce rate in our society today is none other than sky high.It is essential that before the fact of divorce we learn what we can do to eliminate this threat to our families.So go ahead read on as we fight together to save the family.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Many were saddened by the death of the loved Princess of England, Princess Diana.  She died together with her boyfriend Dodi Fayed in Paris.  The couple were killed in a car accident while their car was chased by paparazzi.  Before the gruesome accident that killed the couple and their driver, there were so many issues that surrounds their forbidden relationship.  Diana's boyfriend was a Muslim from a very influential and rich family, while Princess was the mother of the future King and head of the Church in England.  That made speculations to many  people especially those who love Princess Diana so much, that the accident killed her and her boy friend was not natural, but rather planned in order to avoid further issues and troubles to the future of the  Royal family.
According to statistics that a quarter of UK people and many people from some Arab nations convinced that there was a plot to murder the Princess.  The motivations were driven from different issues that already circulated to the past activities of the Princess with Dodi, such as the issues of the possible marriage plans of the couple, the Princess intention to change religion, and the issues of pregnancy and that she was to visit Vatican.  Organizations which conspiracy theorists suggest are responsible for her death have included French Intelligence, the British Royal Family, the press, the British Intelligence services MI5 or MI6, the CIA, Mossad, the Freemasons, or the IRA.

source: Wikipedia

More war stories and conspiracy stories

Sunday, October 16, 2011

When we discuss age differences in relationships, we are reminded of the famous couple Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. Looking at their successful relationship, despite the enormous difference in age, one often wonders, "Is the age difference in relationships really matter?"

Well, the answer really depends on the foundations of the relationship. Age Differences in relationships are not much of a problem if the intentions of both parties while entering the relationship are straightforward. If an older person looking for a girl just to re-assure himself that he was still sexually attractive, or if a younger man dating an older woman on her way just because of his seeking security, and so the relationship is doomed from the start. But if the relationship is based on similar interests and values, with strong chemistry, so it is bound to stand the test, despite the age gap.

In fact, age differences in relationships can sometimes have very positive effects on both parties. Often it is seen that a younger partner brings most of the energy and spark of life in older partners. Simultaneously, the older partner gives the younger partner in the much needed emotional stability. The reverse may be age differences would be very difficult, especially in social situations where both parties find it difficult to adjust to each other, other friends and family. So for all people concerned about this issue in the relationship and age difference, here are some helpful relationship advices.
Tips on how to handle differences in the relationship Age

when dealing with age differences in relationships, the first thing you need to do is to remember to say, "Age is just a number" and follow it. If you have a younger partner, do not brag about it to your friends or family. Even while talking to your partner is not acting as a parent. You have a partner, so you must act like one. In this case the partner is older, to do the same, namely to act as a straight man.

For older women dating younger men, large age differences in relationships can create a lot of uncertainty. An older woman can always be concerned that a young woman will steal her husband. And if the woman is younger and the older person, the person may experience the same feelings. This can create a lot of self-esteem issues. In cases like these, is the right thing to do to have a talk with your partner and re-insure through your actions and words, from time to time about your love for them.

Another consideration issues that couples with age difference face is the inequality in the tastes of music, movies or television. The older partner may be interested in reading a book or watch TV staying indoors. On the other hand, the younger partner may always up for outdoor activities like going to a disc or playing sports. In such situations, couples should not escape generational gap on this issue, because such differences were found in the same age partners. The right thing to do in this situation is to go in for activities that one partner likes a weekend and go through the selection of the other is next weekend.

Like any normal, healthy relationship requires a relationship with a considerable age gap between partners a great commitment from both. There are always people, whether they are friends or relatives who already have something or other to say about the acceptable age difference in relationships and even renewed pressure you think. Standing by your partner in such a situation, and keep in mind that compatibility is more important than a number that will help you in your relationship work. Someone has just said, "Age is strictly a case of mind over matter. If you do not mind, it does not matter."

Saturday, October 15, 2011

From somebody:

Noticed these things
1. he no longer wore the same cologne he wore with me for 8 years straight (that had me thinking)
2. his clothing became more designer (now that he is making more money)
3. more time with the "guys"
5. sometimes work late
6. his phone is always glued to his side With a password
7. he stopped telling me things about his family issues or personal stuff etc etc
8. he had new sex moves, and developed a cocky attitude


If you suspect your dude of cheating, talk to him about it like a woman, as the adult you are. COMMUNICATION FOLKS!!! I know relationships can be complicated, sometimes it's worth working things out and sometimes it's not worth it! Only you can decide, NO ONE, can give you that magic answer! There is no script of exactly what to say to make things right or the way it once was. It simply does not exist.
It always makes me laugh when a woman catches her man cheating, she's all over the woman ready to kick her ass and take names! Finger pointing, hair pulling and so on! Then she turns to her man and says " I love you, how could you?" "What did I do?" When did it become OK for us to accept dishonesty, disrespect and mistrust?
Sometimes, we take each other for granted and it takes situations such as these for us to realize it. In situations such as these giving each space can often cure all evil, but, sometimes it just can't. The definition of insanity = continuing to do the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Ladies we can't change men! Only he can change himself if he truly wants to and only he must decide that for himself. Quit acting like you'll never find another great relationship if you leave your deceptive partner.
Life always goes on with or without you good or bad. Stay true to yourself and your morals, learn to love yourself and all of your wonderful quirks!
In situations such as these, where your man is being dishonest and sneaking around (this also goes for the men, women are not saints) if it bothers you, address it. Know that, like any child your partner will lie to you at first and tell you what you want to here. If the behaviour continues clearly there is no resolution. Move on, learn to love yourself and move on! At some point these guys will be sorry for losing you and will eventually learn it's not right to be dishonest and selfish. Some men, just know that all that ranting and raving we do as women is just that ranting and raving! That's sad. Stick to your guns ladies you will find love again!
I truly believe we as people were not meant to be in long relationships. Some relationships do indeed test that theory but for the most part we truly can't resist the temptation.
Ladies, get some self confidence, learn to love who you are and what stand up for what you believe. Look in the mirror and get your priorities straight. Don't settle for bullshit. You know when someone is playing you, why give in and play the dummy! Quit acting and get real with yourself. Easier said than done right! It is easy for me to say this, but no one said life would be a walk in the park. Work at it! Don't settle for less for stupidity.
Now fellas, I'm not going to bash or walk all over you because I know there are wonderful, honest, stand up men out there, lots of them too. Hard to find them but they are out there looking for a good woman. It's sucks to be the good guy these days because of posers “boys dressed up as men” such as these!
But to the dudes that find themselves in situations such as these you created this situation. I hate to break it to you but sneaking around and acting funny screams “poser”. Grow up, regain your manhood and learn to communicate what you want. The key to not going through all the harassment, embarrassment, hurt and sneaking around is to be HONEST. Be straight up with woman. Nothing hurts more that finding out the person you thought you knew, isn’t really the person you though you knew. Whatever the reason be honest, break off the relationship if it simply isn’t working. Or, tell you lady the love is lost or you need a break. It again, is easier said than done but you have to keep at it for it become easier. There are so many temptations out there it’s hard to resist, with the grass always looking greener on the other side. It's tough I know, I feel you, but be straight up! And sista, don’t freak out because he’s being honest. Listen to what his saying , appreciate his honest and deal with it as such!
Now fellas, don’t get into a committed relationship if your only gonna fool around the entire time. There is nothing wrong with playing the field but be honest with your ladies so they know where they stand. Allow your lady to hear what you want take the stage with class of course. She’s got a brain too, let her decide if she can handle it or not. Maybe you can work something out, who knows TRY IT!
Women, we need to understand why men do the things they do before we can even attempt to confront a situation like this. Sometimes, we push our dudes away or change on them without expressing it to them and they get lost and confused. Again, only honest communication can address this. We need to grow up people, communication solves great problems! Be forthcoming and face the music good or bad.
People are funny creatures, as we grow life changes, when were young we long to be older and can’t wait to assume all the responsibilities of an adult. When were adults we retreat to behaving like a child and no longer want to assume the responsibility nor consequence.
Ladies, there are great men out there truly there are, they may be hard to find but they are out there. Stop complaining about what has happened to you, stop trying to change your partner, thank the person for opening your eyes and bringing back to reality, stay true to yourself. Brush off your self confidence, get some swagger, get your priorities in order and move on!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

You’re a great guy. You treat women with the utmost respect, you’re polite, dependable and an all around good guy. You’ve probably asked yourself on more than one occasion, why women love bad guys? How do guys like Tommy Lee get hot women, while you struggle to keep any woman? How does the scruffy bad boy biker living next door find lots of women and have little difficulty keeping them?
It’s simple, really. Women love bad guys, because they’re exciting. Bad guys are unpredictable, out of the norm and different. The very elements that make them bad guys are what draw women to them. Isn’t that ironic? No wonder people say love makes no sense.
The good guys on the other hand, may be dependable, but they also tend to be boring. They wake up every morning at the same time, go to work, come home at the same time, eat dinner, watch TV and go to bed. They give a good life for their family, are ideal for raising a family, but women get bored and start to search for something a little more exciting.

However, there are a few ways you can prevent this from happening. If your woman loves bad boys, you have to learn to be both a good guy and bad. Sounds impossible, right? It’s not. The most successfully married men have learned this lesson a long time ago.
Even if you’re comfortably ensconced in a relationship, you need to continue to excite your partner. It may seem irrelevant to date your partner at this point, but it may be the difference between a long happy marriage and a messy divorce.
Excite her, you can give her the same things she is looking for in a bad boy, but combined with the qualities of a good boy. Be dangerous. Take her out parachuting, mountain climbing, bar hopping and show her your wild side now and again. Make love to her on a public beach or trail. Get crazy on the dance floor or do something goofy to make her laugh in public. Show her that you have a bad boy side!
You may be wrapped in a good boy package, but everyone has a bad boy in them, even if it is buried down deep in some people. Now that you know why women love bad guys, you’re armed ready to fight back.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

10 Ways to Heal Spiritually after Breakup: "Breakups aren't great for the self-esteem. If you did the breaking up, you might feel like a callous jerk. If you were dumped, you might feel un-loveable. Sit down in a quiet place with your journal or a piece of paper and write yourself reminders of what you like about yourself. That's not to say there aren't lessons to be learned from every breakup, but you should come away feeling like the good and special person that you truly are."

Friday, March 18, 2011

5 Ways of Dealing with a Cheating Spouse: "Dealing with a cheating spouse is one of the most painful experiences in life you may ever have to deal with. It is an emotionally wrecking and traumatic experience and the knowledge of your spouse’s infidelity is most likely to make you feel depressed, anxious, and engulf you with a sense of great loss. Dealing with a cheating spouse is very difficult and needs strong determination and cool-headed thinking. Here are five ways to deal with his cheating.

Avoid Taking Any Impulsive Decisions

It is true that emotions will be running high at this point and you will be distressed and hurt, but do not take any hasty decisions that you might regret later. Don't pack your bags and leave the house in a huff or call up your lawyer to start the divorce proceedings. Instead take time to come to terms with the shock that you are feeling. Sleep over it and think calmly about the situation after a day or two."