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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Intramuros or in Latin, "within the walls is located in Manila, Philippines.  It is the oldest known district in the City.   Intramuros is where the officers of the Spanish Governor Generals stayed and governed the once Spanish-controlled country.  The walls were constructed way back 16th century to serve as protection to the offices of the Spanish colonial government from whatever invasions.   Within the Intramuros is the Fort Santiago, it was one of the most historic forts in the Philippines and in that wall many lives were executed, murdered and imprisoned.  That is where the Philippine National Hero was imprisoned, so could find memorabilia when you visit the historic fort.
During World War II the walls and the fort were heavily damaged by both Americans and Japanese soldiers, luckily some parts were saved and was reconstructed in 1951.
The Global Heritage Fund identified Intramuros as one of the 12 worldwide sites "on the verge" of irreparable loss and destruction on its 2010 report titled Saving Our Vanishing Heritage.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

For those who are new to Adobe Photoshop and wants to edit their Photos to look nice by eliminating the harsh contrast,dullness,etc of the picture, then I have here a basic guide on how to achieve it.  The run down tutorial is easy to apply on your Photoshop and you don't have to worry with the version of your software.

Photoshop features applied
1. Adjustment - Curves ( increase Brightness)
2. Adjustment - Curves (adjusting Red,Green,Blue)
3. Adjustment - Gradient Map ( Play with Presets or or have your own colors)