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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Nurses Talk - Monthsary is the first special occasion you’ll ever experience in having a relationship, since there’s no weeksary, daysary, hoursary, and of course, there’s no secondsary. Do you still remember your first boyfriend/girlfriend? Seems like the days run just too slow before your most awaited first ever monthsary arrives. Excited and exhausted at the same time? You probably can’t stop thinking what would happen. Practicing what you’re going to do? Hmmn, sounds funny.
Well, monthsaries might not be given much attention, especially by those who are busy. Some may think of it as just a pretty simple occasion to be celebrated, and that, it doesn’t have any significant to a relationship at all. But, on the other hand, monthsary is still a quite important factor to be dealt with in having a love life.
Monthsaries come before any anniversary. Every single activity that you’ve done together with your loved one within those rolling days of your relationship is still worth remembering and celebrating, isn’t it? The rolling months emphasizes that your relationship is growing. It would also be so flattering if your partner would be able to remember the date when you committed yourself to one another; this is particular with the girls. They like to be remembered always. That is, if possible, the guy should think about nothing other than the girl. In short, girls are selfish. Selfish in a way that, they want to be the center of attraction of their guy in every single second that passes by. And in connection to this, girls would feel so sweet if her guy would remember their monthsary. It’s not necessary to buy any stuff, a simple but meaningful greetings will do.

Young teenagers probably won’t get this matter. All that matters for them right now is companionship. Having someone to hang out with is enough for them. Knowing the person more is not so important, what’s important is that they have the same interests. Some are not able to reach even a week together. It’s like; they’re not even giving attention to the idea if they’re really in love or what. So, we suppose, they’re not really into celebrating monthsaries at this point in time right? Maybe someday they’ll do.
            But above these all, it's still up to the couple if they would agree to celebrate their monthsaries or not. Some that already achieve their anniversary aren't celebrating their monthsaries anymore. Occasions really don't matter that much, what's important is the feelings that you have for each other.