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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Just because you’re single, doesn’t mean you should be sad
Author:  the Teapot

In the world we're living in today, having a partner is pretty much a big deal. It's like everywhere we look there are couples holding hands, guys holding their girlfriends' handbags, and other actions that show "affection". Single guys and single girls often go "chick hunting" or even "Hot chunky man hunting" just to find a partner. This boyfriend-girlfriend trend has taken over the minds of our youth. I'm not saying that it is bad to be in love or that love is bad. But the fact that we can't be satisfied with being single is bad because it is unfair to look for contentment and satisfaction from other people.
We all have this idea that we will be happy when we have a boyfriend or a girlfriend. And to most single people, they feel sad and degraded whenever they see a couple. Being in a relationship doesn't instantly mean that you are happy. Because no matter what, if you're not happy with what you have, if you're not happy with yourself, you will never be happy with or without a partner. Sooner or later you will come to realize that you aren't contented with your partner and that will lead to cheating which will lead to more problems. We have to know that it's better to be happy alone rather than be with someone, yet you're unhappy.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

 Why divorce is not a good solution?
Marriage is sacred and a commitment and that is how I am going to start this article.  Marriage is a gift from God and therefore it should be accepted and handle it with care. It’s commitment because both of you bowed for better and for worst that  you two will always be together and will always help each other.   But many people still and want to divorce their better half, because of just one reason and that is happiness.  They said “If you no longer happy, set it free!”, or some would say “He is different now and there is no joy in us anymore…so we divorced.”  But there are many instances that the cause of divorce is not just happiness but also the lack of respect towards the sacredness of marriage, such as cheating.  

The choice to divorce or remain together to work things out is one of the most important decisions that the couple will ever make. It is vital for those considering divorce to expect what lies ahead in order to make informed decisions. Too frequently the fallout from divorce is far more devastating than many people apprehend when contemplating the move.
Many countries favored divorce as the best solution for unhappy and failed marriages and 80% find happiness on their next marriages, so they are thankful to the divorce bill that their country had given them, but there is no assurance for how long that happiness would last. Because of Divorce bill, husband and wife could find refuge on their being irresponsible in handling their marriage life. They have forgotten the sacredness of marriage and the commitment that they have promised to each other. And because of divorce it is easy to tear a family that still has a chance to grow and rebuild its foundation, and much worst the children will also find it difficult to adjust a life with separated parents.
There are many crimes that are committed by kids and most of them with separated parents. If you talk to these kids they would say their lives were so miserable and getting into drugs and illegal activities could set their depressions free. If you are the parent of these kids, what would you feel? Oh I see, you don’t care at all because you only think about your own happiness. Selfish parents are the origin of America’s increasing number of teen-criminals, gang related deaths and prostitutions.
For even God in the Bible has clearly said that “What God has put together let no man put asunder” hence by so doing, the two are bound and no one but God himself can separate the two.
There is no really failed marriage if only both spouses would always respect the commitment they have vowed and believed that whatever difficulty they have and would experience in their marriage life can be handled.  Both should help each other and united in taking care of their marital problems. What is separated by man that was unified by God is like a blasphemy. Life is created not perfect, therefore there will always obstacles in the path of marriage and that is why we must be strong and firm with our commitments.
Divorce, though it seems the easiest tactic to be out of a marriage that is either loveless or full of mistrust and disrespect. Divorce is not the solution but a problem in itself as not only the two parties but the children feel its effects as well.
Once a good marriage is dissolved, one of the parents is supposed to move out of the matrimonial home and if she takes the children with her they are forced to change schools, friends and all together change their way of living to suit the one parent system. Do you want this life?
The woman has the burden about the consequences that the divorce would have on her children and also think of how it affects her work performance and social life.
There is no marital problem that has no solution; problems are created my man, so man can solve it!  There is no reason to escape from it, because doing so can produce more problems in the future.
God is so loving and kind if He put you together He always loves to see together because that is what He wants.  The two of you should best see a counselor or a priest and try to talk about the problems.  Each of you should learn to FORGIVE AND FORGET, God wants us to be merciful just like Pope John Paul II he forgive his assassin and prayed for him, we can also forgive.  Give your husband or wife the love that he or she wants to feel from you again.  Put God always as the center of your marriage life and God will always show the way.  Try to talk to a successful couple that you know and they would always say “that in marriage life, it is not always Love that binds you together but God! 
Philippine is a Christian dominant country and the nation has the record of a country with strong family ties.  I don’t want that this wonderful family bonding that Filipinos have experienced will be shattered by those irresponsible people who are pushing the divorce bill.   These people may have the legal rights to push their concerns and selfish desires, but again divorce bill would surely affect the foundation of every good family in the country and this bill could make a hole in every Filipino marriage life.