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Friday, August 31, 2012

Iphone 5 is the latest trending in smartphone competition this year, not to mention the troubling news of the Samsung's lose to the patent case with Apple in both US and Korea courts.  Apple fought hard for the patents of their gadgets with Samsung, but they failed to include the rip-off makers in Shenzhen China.  Goophone had released numerous Iphone, HTC and Samsung clones for the past two years and the brand have caught the attention of many local and international buyers in Asia and Europe.  Goophone used online stores and youtube to do marketing  for their products and what is interesting they would tend to compare their smartphones with the original ones, and that is awesome.  Imagine I could own an Iphone clone for a surprising price with features and weight identical to real Iphone.
courtesy of Goophone

Goophone had successfully promoted their Goophone Y5, a clone of Iphone 4S running under Android 2.3 with 1Ghz processor.  The rip-off is popular and it received good feedback from many buyers and 3rd party sellers, in fact Goophone got numerous orders from international phone sellers. 
Now, Goophone released another interesting clone, the Goophone I5 which said has the look and style of Apple's Iphone 5.  Apple promised that they would release the phone on September 12, 2012 with surprising features but  Goophone just  released their own Iphone 5 clone, they claimed that their replica would position to beat Apple Iphone 5 market in Asia.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

I created reviews on MTK6575 Iphone clones and to all Y5 Iphone clones that I had encountered and studied  I would say the  Dami Y5 is the best it runs on Samsung 1.2 Ghz CPU.  When I talked about the best I am dealing about the features and the hardware quality of the phone.  I made reviews on Goophone Y5 and the phone has the best quality when it comes to performance and software, but it did not get the perfect comparison to Iphone 4 and 4s.  The Goophone Y5 has some disadvantages that I would say far from the original Iphone 4S.   The Dami Y5 has almost everything the Iphone 4 has from software to hardware. 

Other Y5 Iphone clones have different hardware parts far from Iphone 4 and 4s, so if you are planning to replace some parts of it you can't find it in your local store but only in China.  The Dami Y5 has the hardware feature of Iphone 4 not 4s, all parts of it can be replaced with Iphone 4 parts from PCB to covers.   You can customize your Dami Y5 to be more of of an Iphone 4 and that makes the Dami Y5 somesort of Iphone 4 counterpart. 

There are tons of China MTK6575 Iphone clones, my advice do not deceive by its physical features because what's inside of it is far from the real Iphone 4 or 4s.  Here are the following differences:

1. Camera and video capabilities 
2. Battery are soldered to the board - dimensions are different too
3. Front glass is not Gorilla glass - can be replaced but too complex to do
4.You cannot install real IOS only android

All those differences from other Iphone clones were solved in Dami Y5.  It is basically the answer to all problems from other Iphone 4 kickoffs.

Here is the complete spec of Dami Y5:

Model: Dami Y5
Carrier: Unlocked
Phone Style: Bar, 3.5 inch touchscreen, Retina Screen
Operating System: Android 2.3 OS
Processor: SAMSUNG S5PC110 1.2GHz clock + Imagination PowerVR SGX540

Screen Size: 3.5" touchscreen, multi-touch
Display reulotion: Retina screen, 960*640 pixels
Color Support: 16 million colors
Screen Technology: Multi-touch Screen

Camera Resulotion:  5MP back camera + 1.3MP front camera

Connectivity Technology: GSM network & WCDMA - micro SIM card
Network Band: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz & WCDMA+ 850/900/1900/2100MHz

Data Technology: GPRS, EDGE, HSDPA
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 2.0
WLan: Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/a
USB: USB 2.0
GPS: GPS, built-in GPS chipset

Other Features
Video Player: AVI、MP4、3GP、MOV、MKV、FLV
Ringing Tones: Downloadable
Message: SMS, MMS, Email
Phone Book: More than 10000 contacts
Brower: HTML
Game: Downloadable
Radio: FM Radio
G-sensor: Yes
Interface/Port: 3.5mm earphone jack / mini USB

Battery: Built-in Li-on battery, 1050mAh
Standby Time: 120-150 hours

Built-in Memory: 512MB ROM / 512MB RAM,
Memory Card: 16GB

Dimensions: 115×58.6×9.3mm
Weight: 135g
Language: English, French, Deutsch, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Indonesian, Italy, Malay, Turkish, Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese.

What in Package
1 * Dami Y5 Phone
1 * Travel Charger
1 * USB Data Cable
1 * Headphone
1 * Manual

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Good day Android lovers today I am going to help you how to solve the following issues:

1. You must add an account to the device to continue
2. Google Play Loading error
3. Replacing AppChina with Google Play
4. Replacing Android Market with Google Play

It took me time on fixing those issues on my Android phone and finally I did it right.  I am using Iphone Kickoff when I was searching for the solution and reset my phone several times, but anyways I am now enjoying the apps of Google Play.

Here are the files that you need.




1. Root your Phone First  make sure you have super user or any root app on your phone.

2. Copy all files to your Internal Memory
3. Install Root Explorer
4. Run Root Explorer , open sdcard folder then transfer Google files and Vending.Apk to System/App folder  (If you can't paste change the mount to R/W)
5. change Vending.apk permission to rw-r-r or 6-4-4 (do not install)
6. install all Google files.
7. Go to System/App folder then rename Market.apk to Market.aps
     if you are using Appchina, rename IAppChina.apk to IAppChina.aps.   
(if in-case nothing happens to the installation you may remove google files and vending.apk then restore those you renamed  .aps to .apk)
8. Go to your Menu then go to Settings - General  - Reset - Factory Reset
    (This is erase user data so make sure you've made a backup)
9.Go to your Settings - WIFI - turn it on
10. Go to your Settings - Account & Sync - Add Account - Select Google
     ( sign in or create a google account to sync make sure the sync is on)
 11.  go to Menu and run Google Play


13. Save the file to your SDcard2 then install
14. Run your latest Google Play


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Good day Gadget lovers! Today I am going to give you a quick guide on how to root your MTK6575 Iphone Kickoffs particularly the Goophone Y5 and the Thunderbird.

This can be applied to Sofone V5 that runs on MTK6575 Android 2.3.6

Word of advice have a back-up of your data first because we will be resetting your phone later and resetting means wiping out your personal data.

Warning: This is a bit risky operation so you be careful and make sure you made a good backup of your phone data.

I got the Goophone root file from the forum it took me a hard time looking for it, but anyways finally we have it now.  The thunderbird root can be searched in Colonelzap blog.

So let's start.

1. Download the file
  if you are using goophone y5  -
  if you are using thunderbird  -

2. Connect your phone using the USB cable and copy the file the root of your internal memory not the sdcard2

3. disconnect your Phone

4. Go to Settings - General - About - Reboot Recovery
    (This will go to the recovery mode of your Phone, you can see an android logo and a warning symbol)

   You can also go to the Recovery mode by pressing on/off switch and the + button. 

5. Press + or - buttons to navigate the menu, select Apply update from sdcard

6. Select the goophone or thunderbird zip file then press the on/off switch of your phone, rooting installation will take place after that you need to wait till its done.

7. Select ../  and press the on/off switch, that will bring you back to the root menu

8. Select Reboot system now.

9. To check if your have a successful rooting look for the superuser app (it looks like an android pirate logo)  If you cannot find that one, you need to Reset your Phone, by going to Settings - General - Reset - Factory Data Reset (Note: Make sure you made a backup first)

10. Hope you did it right!