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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Nursing Informatics - When we are busy working with so many computer stuff and other Nursing Informatics related work sometimes it is very stressful when our laptops or PC suddenly lags.  Of course we are not that expert that  we can easily identify the cause of it and most of us would blame on viruses and other important programs that we installed, but we can't easily uninstall. So the final verdict is we keep pushing ourselves to buy a new PC or Laptop.  So should we replace our Dual Cores or I3 Laptops to I7 or Core 2 Quad Laptops for our simple document or spreadsheet processing needs?  Actually I always laugh when I see some users who keep blaming there laptops resources for the lags, but eventually there are ways to fix it in a simple way that you don't need an expert to do the job.  Powerful processors are intended for huge processing jobs such as working with multimedia and sophisticated programming projects, but if your task is just simply accessing programs and doing some word processing and spreadsheet jobs your dual core laptop with 1-2 gig ram can handle it, if it's slow then here are the possible reasons:

1. So many unwanted programs running
2. Your hard disk is full or close to that -  transfer some of your files to Portable hard drive, clean your Temp Folder in Drive C: - Better run Disk Cleanup (Accessories/System tools)
3. Stop running Windows Aero - it eats your resources
4. Some windows applications are having bad sectors and data loss -  Better run Defragmenter ( Accessories/System tools)
5. Disable the use of Windows 7 theme

Assuming you are done doing all the above mention -- Click the link below for Tweaking your Windows 7 to gain extra Speed!

Speeding your Windows 7 - Tutorial

Saturday, November 5, 2011

People now a days are wishing to own an Iphone, even if they are holding blackberry and or Android phones. The question is why? If it's the feature they want, almost all phones these days can do anything as Iphones. With the advent of Android nothing is impossible for other brands to develop phones that could level or kill Iphone. According to statistics, Android phones can do better than Iphones and Android phones goes with different brands, so that means lots of styles and taste you can count on to. But still when you ask a lady for a birthday gift or a guy for a present during Christmas they keep shouting - "Iphone!"

Iphones are the hotcakes in the market for over 5 years already and it seems nothing can stop Apple from making their Iphones more advance than other handheld devices of its kind. Apple Co. have revolutionized handheld devices that forced other cellphone companies to re-evaluate their ambition to compete with Apple's Iphone. Luckily Android OS came along to give other cellphone companies the strength to face the popular Iphone and what is interesting seems these companies are working hard to surpass the capabilities of Iphones. So the question is why Android Phones are better than Iphone? Let's check it out the list.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dr Maulik -Healthcare Informatics Consultant: "Medical informatics functional consultant has basic knowledge of computer languages such as C#, Core Java, HTML, XML etc. In addition, they are expected to be well-versed with medical standards such as HL7 and DICOM. Needless to say that health domain experts and hardcore software programmers together can come up with much better final product for medical field."

What is health informatics?: "This is a very exciting field with many new jobs being developed. The Obama administration is putting billions of dollars into health information technology and much of the work needs to be directed by people with health informatics expertize. It is currently estimated that there is a need for about 50,000 such cross-trained experts in America over the next five years. So this is a great area for any clinicians or computer scientists to enter - it is well paid, and jobs are plentiful."

Pondering On A Degree In Nursing Informatics: "Whereas nursing informatics is a relatively new field, people who get a nursing informatics degree can easily find employment in computer companies engaged in making software for assisting medical practitioners in diagnostic labs and medical facilities. This degree opens horizons in the area of records management in terms of getting fast documentation and evaluation of records in order to get quick diagnosis and make the hospitals function more efficiently between its staff, doctors, and patients."

The High Demand For The Health Informatics Degree: "The keeping of records is vital in the preservation of life of the patients as their health is properly tracked by their medical records. Doctors would lose track of their medical prescriptions in the absence of documented information in medical records. This is the reason why a health informatics degree is very important for professionals in the health care industry which is considered to be the fastest growing industry in the United States."

Free Software for Nursing Informatics Class: "Nurses who are into Informatics would connect technology in their profession, such as doing data management while they perform their more primary duties of caring for patients. Some nurses think that Informatics will increase their work loads in the hospital, well that is not true."