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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

If you are a die hard blogger who used Blogspot to post your high quality articles to earn from Adsense then you are on the right spot.  Blogspot is the perfect Blogging site that will give you the best dashboard to handle all your write-ups and images.  Another thing that I like from Blogspot is the traffic statistic, here you could see how your blog perform on the Net.  Google gave us a perfect hang-out for our articles so let's utilize it well with our adsense.  If you just know how to play with your Blog SEO you could earn more with our adsense, but it requires proper placement of  your adsense ads on your blog.  So try to customize your ads arrangement to make it more visible to the reader.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

 They said that blog sites are no match to paid websites when it comes to SEO, well my answer is they are all wrong.  Blog sites can be more SEO friendlier than to any paid websites if you know how to do it.  I am sure that the word SEO is a bit too techie to you, but it is not, it is just some simple procedures that you need to give some time so that you can get traffic your blog.  So let's start talking SEO for  your Blog site.

Steps to make your Blog post SEO Friendly

1.  Check your Keywords on your page - Duplicate keywords will be ignored by most search engines.  Search Engine calls it "Stop words", so remove stop words to gain more viewers.

2. Add only 2 to 5 best keywords that would describe your content.

3. Remove those keywords of special characters.

4. Titles of your post should have keywords on it.

There are many websites out there created using free blogging sites such as Wordpress or Blogger, but the most common problem after you have your blog site is the traffic.  I am sure you don't want to have a blog site that only you who keeps visiting it.  I am using Blogspot for my websites, before I used to have a paid website but I noticed that there is no difference when it comes to SEO.  To gain traffic to your website depends on how you market your website or blogsite and how you fill your site with your contents.  So I will give you some tips on how to boost the traffic of your Blogspot site the proper way around.  

1. Have an SEO friendly Blogspot template
    -  SEO friendly blog template has navigational links, header, footer and the design is content rich.  You can find free SEO friendly sites anywhere on the net just search in, "SEO friendly blogger template."

Sunday, July 1, 2012

I been writing so many reviews and topics about gadgets and relationship issues but I seldom write about optimizing websites or blogs.  I been into web development and blogging for many years and I guess it is rightful to share good tips to those aspiring bloggers and webmasters who are dying looking for solutions on how to improve the SEO of their blogs and websites.  Well you are on the right page of knowing how to improve your site.  My blogs got good traffic, though not that high but constant and I was able to obtain it because of some techniques that I used.  So just follow my advices and after a month you get a good ranking.
      This is easy and you can do it with your own blog or website.  I am using blogspot and many have said that blogspot is not ideal for SEO friendly blogs like wordpress.  But I would say they were all wrong my blogger blogs reached rank 2 and 3 and I have blogger articles that reached rank 4.  So what is the technique?  Simple, when you make a blog make sure you have the following on your blogs html code: