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Thursday, July 3, 2014

If you are having problems in getting sharp photos, well watch the tutorials below they will give you basic and
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Monday, July 16, 2012

People are looking for jobs that can give them good benefits and of course good money.  Yes indeed there are so many jobs out there with lucrative salary ranges, but you are working like a caveman.  If you are contented with this kind of  lifestyle then go for it, no one would dare to stop you, but always remember that you are a human being not a horse. Man! Get out from your cave  and  enjoy the fruits of your hard work, time to change the game, it should be something that could make your social life a bit fun and healthier.  Work work work can only give you money, but zero life  --- Life is not just being physically alive, but its also psychologically,emotionally,spiritually and socially alive.  Balance, is what you need! Work alone would drag you to certain depression and soon health problems.  So here are some good jobs with great income but life can be lonely. 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

A wonderful topic for parents having teens in their families.  Well, lets start over with a question, thus sex education important in the family? And should parents act as educators in educating their teens about sex rather than the school?
Sex education is one of the hot issues in many countries, especially in some Religious countries, and if you try do some research these countries succeed in controlling the possible increase of HIV victims.  How? Abstinence and the teaching the moral way about sex to their people.
Parents are the first teachers the children experienced in their lives and guessed what parents influence a lot in the growth of a child. So when a parent starts educating their children about whats the best in life whether good or bad, for the children its always the best path to follow.  And thats is why, if the parents are start talking about sex topics to their children it surely produce learning to their teens.
Why Parents should Educate about Sex to their children when our is school conducting sex education to your kids?
Well, the answer is, Sex Education in many schools now a days are influenced or should I say sponsored by different health agencies and International health organizations. Majority of these Health organizations are not considering the importance of morality but instead desperately making solutions on how to solve the country's population.  Their way of educating your children is more on scientific-based teaching.  They would show pictures of penises and vaginas, the feelings, conditions, impacts etc..   These for sure would contribute curiosity to the children.  Then telling them about condoms, pills, and everything.  Making it short... Its like "Go have sex, its natural! Don't worry use Condom and your safe!"

Parents alone have the right to be the primary educators of their children, 
particularly in matters related to sexuality. This right is bestowed on them 
by God, Who also assigns to parents a duty to teach Christian morality to 
their sons and daughters. Parents are the best teachers of their children. 
God has ordained parents with an inalienable right to educate their 
children, particularly regarding sexual development. 
God, the Author of life, invites parents to join in the creative process of 
generating new human life. The role of parents continues as guardians and 
caretakers of the gift of a child which has been bestowed on them. 
The God-given right and responsibility of parents to control the education 
of their children is revealed in Holy Scripture: 
He [the Lord] set it up as a decree in Jacob, and established it as a law in 
Israel, / That what He commanded our fathers they should make known to 
their sons . . .     Psalm 78:5 
Train a child in the way he should go; and when he is old he will not depart 
from it.             Proverbs 22 
Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the 
discipline of the Lord.   Ephesians 6:4 
. . . and in the Tradition of the Catholic Church: 
The right and duty of parents to educate their children is primary and 
You don't have to be a Religious person to educate your children about sex, just tell them simple questions like: "Are you ready to get Pregnant?", Are you willing to give-up your virginity at that age?, "Does your Boyfriend responsible enough to take care of you, if you get pregnant?"
These questions are very easy to say to your children.  You don't have to tell them about how things are happening in the body.  The point their giving an Idea on how to do abstinence while their still young and still in school.  Teens are full of imaginations and curiosity to experience.  Don't let your children a victim of it.  Tell them the consequences of Sex and they will understand.  Rather than letting learn it from themselves.  Most boys are eager to experience Sex your daughter could be a victim if you would not teach them about sex.
Parents are in the best position to know the developmental level and 
individual informational needs of their children. Moreover, only in private 
discussions can these needs be addressed-personally and with the delicacy 
the subject requires. It is particularly important not to violate a child's 
natural latency period (roughly from age eight to puberty, when sexual 
interests are dormant), which could result in the destruction of their 
Further, parents, regardless of their professional credentials, are best 
suited to be the primary educators of their children. Their loving 
relationship with their offspring is singular and irreplaceable and 
therefore cannot be delegated to others or usurped by others.7 
In addition, parents are in a unique position to lead by example in teaching 
their children the gift of self in relation to love. The love between a 
husband and wife teaches their children what love is; for, by welcoming and 
nurturing the children who are the fruit of that love, they give their 
children the best possible education in sexuality and in responsible use of 
their sexuality.