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Monday, September 3, 2012

It is been a long time that I have not talk about nursing informatics or any useful gadgets which can be beneficial to our nurses and nursing students.  Today I am going to give you top 5 free Android Apps useful for medical practitioners and I tell you it really can help on your every day workloads as long you have your android phone with you.

So get ready your Android phones and let's download these apps right away!!

1. iTriage Mobile Health
iTriage is one of the best health related apps, which provides you location of nearby hospitals,clinic, pharmacies and more. It is like an organizer it can hold numbers and addresses of your doctors and any important people.

What is interesting with iTriage are the following features:

* Scan for disease symptoms and information, treatment and procedures, it will search the net for any possible information of the disease you are searching.

* It has Emergency button which can be set to 911, so if you are in trouble the press the button and 911 will be dialed.

* It is user friendly and FREE

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Good day students! I know you have a hard time constructing an ERD (Entity Relationship Diagram or Model) of your project.  Well, it is indeed a bit difficult to construct an ERD out from a scratch, but it can be easily done without wasting so many symbols and time.  You see our books are telling us the standard procedures on making ERDs but they haven't thought us some guidelines on how to start and that's where we make mistakes in the process.

So here are the requirements before I would start my tutorial:

1. Basic knowledge on ERD symbols and usage.
2. Knowledge on relationship cardinalities.
3. Basic knowledge on Normalization at least 1st or 2nd normal forms.
4. Business rules of the project.  -- this is important!