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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Canon 7D Mark II
Canon 7D Mark II
For most Canon photographers and Videographers, waiting for new Canon DSLR model is like waiting for a new Iphone or Galaxy model.  So, now the waiting is finally over, Canon just released the Canon 7D Mark II DSLR camera.  This new baby has great features that is far from the old, well let's talk about its cool features.

The Canon 7D Mark II   Run Down features:
Canon 7D Mark II
  • It has a 20.2MP works with a pair of DIGIC 6 Image Processors

Sunday, July 6, 2014

sj4000 with WIFISJ4000 is considered as the best GoPro alternative sports camera, it is indeed has a good video result in
1080p HD and can do time lapse.  It has a built-in LCD and but the only thing missing is it does not have WIFI.  So, if you are doing some selfie thing with your SJ4000 it's kinda messy.    SJ4000W is a sort of new version the online site say, but when I looked at the design I rather stick to my old SJ4000.  I don't think this sports camera is durable,  I have a bad feeling that this is not a relative to the popular SJ4000, but just another sports camera with a WIFI feature on it.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sports camera is trend now in video journalism and of course in sports videography why? Simple, it's handy,
water resistant up to 60 meters and its gives  you super sharp video in 30 to 60 frame per second.  Every guy who loves adventure wants to get this camera but the problem is the price.  Yap, that is right Gopro Hero camera series are no cheap at all.  I think the lowest price is $200, but that's the oldest model the latest models such as the Hero 3+ silver and black would cost you $400 to $500 dollars and not to mention the accessories, so super expensive too.   Now, I am going to share to you the best alternative or should I say slight rip-off of GoPro, the SJ4000 sports camera.

SJ4000 has a super sharp 30 frame per second HD camera and it has a free LCD so you can see the result of your video.  SJ4000 can reach 30 meters down the sea and still giving you great sharp videos.  Well, if we compare this to GoPro, Gopro is still the best because it has better sensor and other features, but SJ4000 is a descent sports camera for a price that you can afford.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

When Nokia introduced their mega camera-smartphone, Nokia Lumia 1o20, the world was shocked by its unbelievable camera megapixel.  With the advent of fast processors and ultra HD cameras the competition for bringing the highest MP is growing and Canon will unleash their own.  A report from Photography Bay, states that Canon would be revealing this year a 75MP camera and I would say that is something very amazing.  Hence it is being revealed then this Canon cameras would probably will shaken their long-time competitor, the Nikon.  Nikon D series Cameras has quality MPs and their latest one reached 36 Megapixels.   If  Nikon users are fascinated by the 30+ MP of their D cameras how much fascination could it be if you are with the 75 megapixel, this will surely gives you a very sharp and crytal clear images .

Let's just hope that these new Ultra HD cameras are affordable. We just hope the next generation of DSLR cameras are definitely more easy to use, more light and smaller in size.   

Monday, February 25, 2013

Good day Gadget talkers and stalkers out there, today I am going to talk kinda new topic in Gadget world and that is photography and speaking of Cameras, the Nikon D7100 is something that will make you awe .  Nikon released new cameras for 2013 and the D7100 is their another hot camera for semi-pro DSLR cameras.  It has has great features and it is light so I am going to give the best key features of this awesome Camera.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Videography is the fantasy of many new growing youngsters who are dreaming to make their own videos or films, but the problem is the equipment for the film such as the camera.  With the growing popularity of Indie films everybody can now make their own movies and I can give you the list of the hottest Digital cameras which I believe can help you out for your low budget movie and these cameras can give you the result you wish to have.