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Monday, July 16, 2012

People are looking for jobs that can give them good benefits and of course good money.  Yes indeed there are so many jobs out there with lucrative salary ranges, but you are working like a caveman.  If you are contented with this kind of  lifestyle then go for it, no one would dare to stop you, but always remember that you are a human being not a horse. Man! Get out from your cave  and  enjoy the fruits of your hard work, time to change the game, it should be something that could make your social life a bit fun and healthier.  Work work work can only give you money, but zero life  --- Life is not just being physically alive, but its also psychologically,emotionally,spiritually and socially alive.  Balance, is what you need! Work alone would drag you to certain depression and soon health problems.  So here are some good jobs with great income but life can be lonely. 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Nurses Talk -  Networking business is one of the hot issues in the Philippines, so many eager young people race each other to join this kind of business that promise you with this phrase - "We make you Rich!".   Business stuff is not new in the Philippines, when the country suffered more from poverty and when the prices of the common commodities rising so fast everyone thinks business.  That is why many Filipinos are trying to engage business in any way as long they could get a penny from it.  When Networking Businesses hit the country let's say 10 years ago, almost the entire country embraced it.  The promise of getting rich quicker was the motivational factor by most Filipinos at that time. I remembered my brother borrowed some money from me so that he could join the Forever Living Networking Business  luckily my mother convinced him to not continue his desire.  He could be one of those who were fooled by the promise of the Business and now regretting the loss of their investment.

So here is my question can Networking Business make you Rich?
I joined so many Networking businesses some of these businesses are online and some are the popular ones in the Philippines, but until now I am not rich but I gained some profits to sustain my daily needs.  My point is I strived so hard to get that promise but what ever I do; it will only earn me some pennies and not the income most Networkers promise me.  What went wrong?  I am no genius but I know about business, I studied it.  Networking Business is not a bad business but it is a business with no guarantees and if it has, its lifespan is limited for a number of years only.  Many Networkers were brainwashed by the trainings and seminars of their company.  So if you are there listening to their brainwashing programs sooner or later you will become a robot too, you will work hard to get your own downlines so that you can pay the money you've borrowed from joining that forsaken business. But the reality is you are not working for yourself, you are working for your uplines. In a networking business you must get two downlines (left and right) just one pair and then you will help your downline to get their own pairing too because every pairing you will earn something and that's the flow.  So, if you have so many pairings from your account that's how your profit grows.  If there is no more pairing happening on your account the next thing you do is to convince your downlines to maintain the purchasing of products so that you can get a commission from it.  So, if they don't patronize the company's product anymore --- your Cash flow stops!  Even if you are the first of that networking business with thousands of downlines still it is not a guarantee, because if nobody is patronizing your product anymore, it is 100% sure you get 0.  No wonder your uplines joined competing networking businesses behind your back. Well, anyways every company has its own networking strategies but what I am sharing you is the most common flow in every networking business.  So in order for you to get rich is to have a river of downlines and a witty mouth to keep telling them to buy the products.  

Now let’s talk about weakness of the Networking Businesses that eventually will bring you to the path of not getting rich at all.

  1. There is no more big fish to catch
Networking Business is trying to make short cuts on the culture of business enterprise, they never think about the flow of supply and demand in relation to their recruitment for downlines.  Hundreds of Networkers have recruited already all those people who can afford and witty, what’s left are those who can’t talk, jobless and poor personality skills.  So, let's say you have successfully recruited your clients next is ask your self, do they the skills you have in recruiting for their own?  To be able to become a successful businessman it requires dedication and skills, so you need to train them to talk like you and to have a focus towards the business like you.  Do you think they have the dedication? Will  you encourage  them to quit their jobs and focus on the networking business?  Think about it.

  1. Expensive Capital Investment
They said that networking business has the cheapest Investment?  If that is the case then why when you are inviting someone to join the business they keep saying," I can't afford, it's too expensive?"

  1. Expensive Product
They said that the product is cheaper than the ones in the department stores? That is definitely wrong; try to buy a vitamin capsule with the same content of that from networking business to a local pharmacy store you will know the difference.
  1. No Proper Product Marketing
They said that their products are good, said who? The ones who are telling you about the products are the brochures and that networker who is trying to recruit you.  Imagine, a networker who is not a doctor convinces you to buy his medicinal soap and food supplements would you believe him?

I experienced being recruited by a kid he introduced to me different kinds of food supplements. So, why would I listen to him? In the first place I could not trust the person who is not a health expert then talks a lot about about health stuff.

Another thing it has no media ads about the product such as tv and radio ads, so how will your potential clients know about the product and how can they trust the product? 

  1. Lack Professionalism
Business and professionalism goes together and work together.  If you are selling something you will entice the customer to the effectiveness of your product and services and not to deceive them by the promise of getting rich, because if that’s the case we are good as liars in our own company.  That is why they keep giving trainings more on the flow of the Networking and not more on the product effectiveness.

Now, I have shared you everything about the networking business so before you join you must re-think it over and over again.  I met three teens who were planning to join the business they joined all their savings to invest for the Networking business.  I told them everything I learned, I did not tell them not to invest but I was just telling them the weaknesses of the said business.  They are all nursing students, I asked them if you want to get rich, you better quit your nursing and start working on it.  I told them doing networking business as sidelines will bring you nothing, luckily they re-think their plans and now they are selling bags on facebook and to their classrooms.  They have utilized their savings in putting up a small buy and sale business and guess what? It works!  They never quit nursing, they never talk about getting rich, they never talk about downlines or uplines, but at their young age they know how to talk about the quality of their products because they love what they are selling.   That is business! To get rich is just a goal in every business, but the love of doing business is the path to obtain that goal and there is no shortcuts but only enjoyment of doing it.

Monday, March 21, 2011

How succeed in business appointments and projects: "Manage your Meetings

Rate your past meetings 5 is the highest and 1 is the lowest. Open your organizer and start rate all the meetings you’ve attended in the last month. Give a no. 5 to those that were useful and a no. 1 to those with no use or relevance at all. Take steps to attend meetings only when it helps you achieve priorities or when managing the expectations of others. Attending meetings and appointment kills time, so you better attend meetings only those that are important."