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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Good day fellow Bloggers and hubbers, I will share you some effective technique to maximize your earnings in adsense with Hubpage plus your blog site.
here are some important things you should have first:
1. hubpage account: click for more information
2. Website or blog site :
If you are finished with above steps then start writing articles in your hubpage account. Look for popular topics in or in
You may type this in google search box : "List of Top Search Engine Keywords" and all sites that provides latest top keywords will be given to you.
3. Go to your Hubpage Profile link, then click "Subscribe to Author's RSS feed"
4. Get the RSS Link at the Address box of your Browser it looks like this:
this link will display a list of your hubpages links.
6. go to
7. Paste The RSS LInk from your hubpages to the dialogue box of
8. You may set the number of entries ( no. of links) and colors for the Intergration select Javascript. Click the the Button that says Create HTML.
9. A preview of the list will be displayed together with the Javascript code place in a dialogue box wil be shown.
10. Use the Javascript code now in your  Blog site by adding gadget that can accepts javascipt codes.
Here is my
I used for this sample, 40% percent of my Hubpages clicks are directed from that site.
Optional steps for promotion:
11. Join and other bookmarking sites and submit your blog site and hubpages links.
12. Submit your RSS links to any Feed Submitter- you may type "Feed Submitter" in search box.
13. Submit your blogspot site to and
Enjoy...Great Success is Waiting!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

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