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Saturday, May 5, 2012

The women pride can kill a man
Women are known to be full of pride and that’s what makes them different from men.  Men do have pride same as women, but men can control of it for the sake of love and devotion.   In every relationship there are many scenarios that men almost got killed because of women’s pride and this is not a joke.  When a man falls in love to a woman he would do everything just to express his feelings and love to that lucky girl and that includes giving up his pride.

Many preachers today focused on pride as being one of the most damaging aspects of the human behavior.  But I would say that depends on to what level you use your pride, some say it could cause sin and could misguide a person.  In a couple’s quarrel pride is the driving force that worsens the condition and in most cases men are the ones surrendering their pride just to end the fight.

Most women put their pride as a very essential thing to everything they do and think.   For instance, when dating and you are late for 5 minutes you better start looking for white roses and practice your  apology, because she is no longer smiling when you see her. Women with pride would not think of your 5 minutes late as a mere natural or unexpected mistake,  but rather an act of betrayal and insincerity to your promises.  Sometimes they only value your politeness and obedience, while your health and safety are being left aside.    They keep telling you what is right for you, and when you advise what's best for them -- they won't listen.   Pride thought them to be superior when they are not, gives them strength when in reality they are weak.  How do you think your relationship would survive if your girlfriend is full of pride?  

How many cases of suicides that struck the world? Many of these suicides were caused of love quarrels and misunderstanding and it is always men have the number of deaths by suicide.   I have witnessed many relationships that men acted like a slave to their women. I don’t think that men deserve to be a slave for the heck of love, but I think that is how the game is played in a relationship.
Because of pride most Women are blinded by the reality that their men have sacrificed everything for them.   Pride makes the woman authoritarian on her decision making, it makes her to demand and demand.  A good relationship should learn to embrace love instead of pride and there you can find real happiness in your relationship.  Our women should be a bit pragmatic on every decision they make and more patience in every hostile situations. Pride kills understanding and patience, and the worst thing it murders Forgiveness.

The root of cheating in relationship is not always because of selfishness of the opposite sex, but because of pride.