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Friday, August 31, 2012

Author: Teepot
The RH Bill is a big Issue right now in the Philippines and I know in some other countries in the world.  So what's the big deal with Abortion?  It's a big deal because it is murder.

Because of the rapid growth of the population, which is resulting to overpopulation, people are starting to have second thoughts about abortion. Looking at abortion from different perspectives, killing a baby will never be removed from that act no matter what reason you provide. It is disappointing how people nowadays can’t face the consequences of their actions. Why will you have sex if you know, and yes you were fully aware of what will happen, that you will get pregnant and you will have a baby which means another mouth to feed, another life brought to this world, loads of responsibility are going to be on your shoulders because you are the parent and once you find out your pregnant, you don’t want to own up to it and you think of aborting the baby.
Abortion procedureYou should’ve said no. You should’ve known better. You think that if everybody finds out you’re pregnant, you’ve brought dishonor to your family’s name, that people will talk about you, and that they’ll start to look at you differently. Sadly, truth be told, yes. They won’t look at you the same anymore, they will talk about you, and you’ve brought disgrace to your family but don’t you think that’s already enough? Imagine what people will think, what they will say, and how much more disgrace you will give your family if you kill that baby in your womb BY CHOICE. The fact that you made a mistake is bearable, much better than killing a life which cannot protect itself.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Author: Mary Grace O. Gabi :
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Abortion remains one of the most debated issues today.
The hand of God subtitled a journey from death to life by the abortion doctor who changes his mind that discovers the wonders of life happening inside the womb and comes to appreciate the unborn human being. Nathanson devotes the first several chapters to the story of his family, especially of his father whose strict and authoritarian ways pushed him to become a medical doctor and contributed to the suicide of his sister. He recounts how his father's coldness sees him to procure and abortion for his pregnant girlfriend, and how this, plus apathy of times, molded him into the conscienceless abortionist.
Abortion is deliberate, intentional and premeditated murder or killing the right of a person in the womb to develop and to live. Every unborn child of the womb is a living person and parts of the creation. Life includes the rights of an individual to his body and its completeness, free from dismemberment and extends to the use of God given faculties which make life enjoyable. Fetus has an active brain, a heart that beats in every single second and body, arms, and legs that move. In addition, abortion is included as one of the most essential parts of the definition-reproductive health-pro-choice position, in which the woman would be assigned exclusive rights to make the decision to terminate her pregnancy. Human life should be given its fair chance to live; it must be respected and protected. From the first moment of his existence, a human being must be recognized as having the rights of a person, one which is the inviolable "right to life". Therefore nobody may dispose of another's life, neither as an end nor as a means. Increase in the activity is directly related to the low contraceptive use and high unmet need of contraception. Contraceptive non-use is the major cause for unintended pregnancy resulting to abortion. Besides, major reason is that its too expensive to raise a child nowadays. Who is brave enough to end up the life in a womb faces the risk not only a criminal prosecution but more likely of developing complications. Since family planning is the most difficult job in the world, abortion absolutely increases its number.

The womb of a mother should be the safest refuge for the life of a fetus to be nurtured not to be aborted. Abortion destroys not only the body parts of the unborn baby but also trouble and traumatizes the lives of those who take part in it because of guilt. It is also the expulsion from the womb of an immature, non-viable fetus, God has breathed into it as soul, so what right has anyone to declare it "unfit to live"? No matter what the circumstances are surroundings the conception of a child, life is sacred and everybody bound to respect it.
Every fertilized ovum is already a person undergoing development towards maturity. It is not just a blood clot and it is not an animal or insect inside the womb of the woman.
For further information, teenage pregnancy is on the rise on account of promiscuity. In West premarital sex is the accepted norm. Sexuality involves how we feet out our body, our desire for physical closeness encompasses everything and sexual intimacy involves genital touching in intercourse. Conflict with personal and parental values, sexual transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy are the risks in teenager’s sexuality. Premarital sex is the major cause of abortion, intake of drugs-others may indulge in sex and drugs signal to the youth and expose to more temptation resulting in the further erosion of moral values. Sexual abuse and assault-the forced sexual contact, age factor, deviant adolescent sexual behavior, and peer pressure groups and sexual curiosity.
As a fact, teenagers need to get the right information about their own reproductive system and about sex as a whole. Not just sex education peers about teaching the young to value education on sexuality but its all about commitment and responsibility.
 Abortion is not a game, it is not a simple choice because in every abortion kills an innocent baby.