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Saturday, September 13, 2014

If you are wondering how this new Iphone 6 and Iphone 6+  look  like, well check out the video and get to know the smartphone of the year. I tell you gonna love it and a bit disappointed,why? Because of you waited so long and the new features are just few. They said that this new Iphone will beat the Galaxy series with their features and of its size...Maybe! Iphone 6 is becoming bigger in Screen and with longer battery life, not to mention its processor, the 64bit A8 chip and that's fast.  One thing cool from this new phone, which I would say awesome is the camera, though it is still holding up to its 8MP, but it has 1920x1080 (1080p HD) (60 fps) and 1280x720 (720p HD) (240 fps) video recording and that's awesome! But, yes there are affordable Android phones that provide you with those fps thingy. Anyways, with that camera you can do slow-mo stuff with your new Iphone. Another thing the Iphone 6 is slimmer than its predecessor, so this baby is perfect for your pockets and hands.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

While the world is still hoping to get the Iphone 5, Apple is about to give us something new soon for their hot selling smartphone, the Iphone 5S.  When a new upgrade of their smartphone comes an S version would surely follow shortly and if you are a wise buyer -- you better wait for it.

Iphone 5S is a lot powerful compared to its predecessor and I think this would be S-version of Iphone with tons of new features, its like making an Iphone 6.  But hey what I am sharing to you are just rumors.  When Iphone 5 was released it was criticized by many because it lacks some features that Samsung S3 has, but anyways still fans are dying to get it. 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Microsoft just introduced a new kind of Tablet that would match the features of Apple’s Ipad series, the Microsoft Surface.  Microsoft followers can now enjoy the new gadget that runs on Windows 8.  So here is the question, could this power tablet can beat Ipad series?  Well let’s find out!


The Microsoft Surface uses ClearType HD display it the same definition as Nokia’s ClearBlack display.   The MS Surface has a full HD quality display in 1366 x 768 resolution, which makes this gadget an excellent challenger to Ipad 3.  The MS surface is scratch-resistant just like Ipad.   

Build Quality

Talking about quality, both tablets are stylish and durable.  The Surface (0.1mm) is thinner than the Ipad (9.4mm).  The Ipad’s chassis is made of aluminium while the Surface shell is made of magnesium.  But what made the Surface more fancy and cool are the kick stand and the Tablet cover- keyboard. 


Talking about connectivity the Surface has array of ports for you to connect any gadgets you like.  The Surface supports microSD or microSDXC, USB 2.0 or 3.0, HDMI-out and miniDP. While the iPad has nothing to connect your gadget to it, you need to buy adapters so that you can have connectivity on your gadget.
Both gadgets have Wi – fi but no Bluetooth.   The Microsoft Surface is similar to the Ipad it has no SIM slot, so basically it is design for office works and entertainment and not for communication.

Processing power

We all know that Ipad uses a dual-core CPU (A5X chip) and they have embedded quality graphics so that you would not complaining with your games.   Microsoft uses Intel Core i5 processor and Nvidia of the graphics that makes your tablet perfect for gaming and videos.

The ARM version of Microsoft Surface and Apple’s iPad max out their storage options at 64GB. The Surface with Win 8 Pro however will max out at 128GB, since it will use up roughly 10GB just for the OS itself. You also have the advantage of expanding the memory in Surface via SD card, which is something you can’t do with the iPad.


The Microsoft Surface has quality camera just like the Ipad except that the Surface have dual cameras which can be angled to 22 degrees.  On the other hand Ipad’s camera produces quality results too and it is installed in manner perfect for tablets. But in reality no one really spend most of their time taking pictures with tablets.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Good day Android lovers today I am going to help you how to solve the following issues:

1. You must add an account to the device to continue
2. Google Play Loading error
3. Replacing AppChina with Google Play
4. Replacing Android Market with Google Play

It took me time on fixing those issues on my Android phone and finally I did it right.  I am using Iphone Kickoff when I was searching for the solution and reset my phone several times, but anyways I am now enjoying the apps of Google Play.

Here are the files that you need.




1. Root your Phone First  make sure you have super user or any root app on your phone.

2. Copy all files to your Internal Memory
3. Install Root Explorer
4. Run Root Explorer , open sdcard folder then transfer Google files and Vending.Apk to System/App folder  (If you can't paste change the mount to R/W)
5. change Vending.apk permission to rw-r-r or 6-4-4 (do not install)
6. install all Google files.
7. Go to System/App folder then rename Market.apk to Market.aps
     if you are using Appchina, rename IAppChina.apk to IAppChina.aps.   
(if in-case nothing happens to the installation you may remove google files and vending.apk then restore those you renamed  .aps to .apk)
8. Go to your Menu then go to Settings - General  - Reset - Factory Reset
    (This is erase user data so make sure you've made a backup)
9.Go to your Settings - WIFI - turn it on
10. Go to your Settings - Account & Sync - Add Account - Select Google
     ( sign in or create a google account to sync make sure the sync is on)
 11.  go to Menu and run Google Play


13. Save the file to your SDcard2 then install
14. Run your latest Google Play