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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Watch the best video of Cebu's ARCHON 2014, it is an annual gathering of cosplayers, gamers and

hobbyist.  The event was attended by hundreds of cosplayers and gamers, it was full of fun.   Every ARCHON photographers and videographers are also joining the event. And one well-known Cosplay Film-maker who is always on his trade-mark making fighting-ish cosplay music video with Japanese theme on it, Artworks of Scanhead.  Watch his cosplay video rendition of "Decision by One Ok Rock"!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Zombie Loan is one of the best and hottest Manga series in Japan, which gain thousands of fans in the US and in Southeast Asia.  So Cosplayers have their own version of Shito Tachibana with a modern gun perfect to blow every zombie's head.

Easy to find outfit  forCosplayers:

1. Black suit, any black suit with our without linings.  Note: It must be medium size or small.
2. White or black long sleeves. Note: large size is ok.
3. Any red tie
4. Wig - you may use Naruto Saskie's wig (black)
5. Black straight cut or tight jeans or slacks
6. Black shoes or boots

 + toy Pistol
 + toy rifle
 + chain bracelets or necklaces, you may use those cheap bling-bling necklaces.

Tips for Picturial
1. Have somebody to put some simple emo make-up on you
2. Always remember Shito is a serious zombie don't smile, especially when you are holding a gun.  You may smile if you want to..

Shito Tachibana - Zombie Loan