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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Nurses Talk  -  South Korean entertainment has plenty of best new Drama series. It's been a while that we have not seen new drama about kings, princes and princesses. Now MBC is giving us a new romantic drama about the modern day constitutional monarchy. The story is about a handsome crown prince who has no time for politics and has plenty of time for fun.  Because of his hard to control lifestyle his life is deep trouble.  The more he lives  like an ordinary guy, the more he becomes an easy target to North Korean Spies.  North Korea sent a special force agent to spy on him.  The more the agent finds way to get close to him, the more the Prince attracted to her.  This is a must see Korean Drama , King 2hearts!  Here are some of the best wallpapers of King 2hearts.

Lee Seung Ki as Lee Jae Ha
Ha Ji Won as Kim Hyang Ah
Jo Jung Suk as Eun Si Kyung
Lee Yoon Ji as Lee Jae Shin
Yoon Je Moon as Kim Bong Goo

Wallpapers and Photos courtesy of MBC

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Nurses Talk - In 2011 one big Korean TV action drama that hit big in Asia was City Hunter.  It is not only the cast and the story that will make you enjoy watching the Korean action drama, but also it's soundtracks and musical scoring. I been watching so many Asian drama in many years, but the last time I heard a good musical score and soundtrack was way back in 2001 and that's from Meteor Garden I and II.  Another Asian drama with good musical score in past years was from Endless Love series.  City Hunter gives you great deal of OST worth listening and composed by great Korean Artists.  So here are the City Hunter Soundtracks and the series musical background melodies. 

City Hunter Official Soundtracks

1. City Hunter Ost. Kim Bo Kyung- Suddenly

City Hunter Official Musical Score

Top City Hunter Wallpapers

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Nurses Talk -  The 2011 Korean drama, City Hunter is the best Action Drama of the year.  Korean hot shot, Lee Min Ho is the City Hunter and who would expect of this matinee idol would do action drama as far as i know  everyone knows he is only good in romantic drama.  Lots of great actors and actresses from the series who made great performances like Kim Sang-Jung who acted as Lee Jin-Pyo, City Hunter's foster father who would die for revenge for his comrades death from the hands of Corrupt Government officials, and Lee Jun-Hyuk as the staunch Korean Prosecutor Kim Young-Joo, who never gives up in hunting the City Hunter and the corrupt officials who are targeted by the City Hunter. Watching the series at first you would be blown to the fast-pace action and thriller of its events, but then at every episode it will unlock some sort of clues of unprecedented events that would later connect to unexpected scenarios, which would then make you emotionally uncomfortable but fascinated and that's the reason why this action drama won so many awards. The story is superb full of realistic events,action,romance and drama, though the drama is not totally centered on romance, but most of the time between the foster father and the son.  What I am trying to emphasize is that City Hunter story deals about betrayal,revenge,forgiveness,love,sacrifice and patience.  So from start to finish the series would always put you in a scenario where a son is hungry for parental love, while the father is out for revenge.  It is a must-see Korean TV series and I will guarantee you that you will cry at the end of it.  With regards to the soundtrack, I would say Wow!  This is one of the Best Korean Action drama ever with great collection of good music performed by great Korean performers.  Here are some of the great soundtracks from the series:

King 2Hearts Top Wallpapers

City Hunter Soundtrack
1. City Hunter Ost. Kim Bo Kyung- Suddenly

All Time Best City Hunter Wallpapers

Friday, January 6, 2012

Nursing News - Nurses always love to watch Korean TV-Series well not only it removes boredom but there are also so many lessons from it.  Sometimes when they are in the worst stressful day of their profession watching Korean series will always give them time to relax and smile.  So here are the Best Korean Drama of Today.

Top City Hunter Wallpapers