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Monday, December 1, 2014

Goophone I6 - Pros and ConsGood day Gadget lovers, today we will be talking about the new clone of the new Iphone ---- The Iphone 6.  This clone has everything from physical and slight difference to the speed, I am talking about the Goophone I6.

Goophone I6 is equipped with best parts it has 1.4Ghz Quad-core cortex- A7 processor, which gives you high-end performance and power saving feature.   It has 3G and still supports 2G, it has Wifi, bigger storage, capacitive touch screen and a 13MP camera.  Before we hated Goophone clones because of its battery life, but hey this fake phone has 2,800mah battery, which gives you 5 hours of talk time and 48 hours or more standby time.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

If you want to have an Iphone 6 right away that runs on a different OS, then get the Goophone I6.  This is the latest clone of Iphone from Goophone.  The specs are amazing and the looks and features are almost similar of what the IPhone 5 has.   This smartphone is powered by a fast processor 1.4Ghz MT6582 Quad-core Cortex-A7, so this baby is really something awesome.  Another thing, it's a very slick phone too and looks durable and stylish, but when it comes to the design...hmmm let's wait until we see the real Iphone 6.
Goophone I6 has the 3G speed so you get your messages fast, it supports both 2G and 3G network, 2G GSM: 850/900/1800/1900MHz band, 3G WCDAM 850/2100MHz band.
 Goophone I6 provides your variety of storage sized to choose from 8GB to 32GB, but here is something amazing, it has a 13MP back Cameral with LED and touch focus feature and that's a wow!! 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

LG is pushing their G series to the top with new amazing model, the G3 S!  I don't understand why almost top smartphones now a days are using the letter S, what's the big deal with S.  Anyways, let's go back to our main agenda, yap the LG G3 S, G3 is a bit similar to its predecessor and of course you know that, but this smartphone has new features or should I say upgrades ehehehe.

The LG G3 is running with Android 4.4 and that's cool and a lot of new stuff such as it's processor it is still Quad-core but it's different from G2, I would say that G2 is a bit faster than this. The LG G3 S is lighter than the G2 and it's camera is more crispy than the G2 because it has a 13MP back camera and that's a wow!  This smartphone has a 1GB RAM and an 8GB of removable storage, other features such are the following NFC, 4G, Wifi and Bluetooth 4.0.  

Another new baby from China is hitting the Samsung Galaxy series with remarkable speed and super awesome camera feature.  I am talking about the Xiaomi Mi 4, this brand is not new, before it was just one of the local smartphones in China but now this brand is conquering Asia with their signature features -- "Awesome Camera and Slick body".  The Xiami Mi 4 has 13MP back camera and 8MP front camera with HDR capability and with a F1.8 aperture, so for those photographers out there this can be used as their secondary camera just in case they need one.
As what I said, this China smartphone is fast, yap! Because it is powered by a Quad core, 2.5GB  processor with a 3 GB system memory and what else? It has a 64 GB of built-in storage, is that awesome? 

Monday, August 11, 2014

ELIFE E7 Mini is the latest smartphone that has almost the same features from the high-end phones in the
Philippines, though the ELIFE E7 mini is as powerful as its mother the original ELIFE E7 which is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quadcore chip, but this small buddy is also fast.  The mini version is powered by  MediaTek MT6592 octa-core chip with 1.7ghz cloked speed.  Not only it is fast it is also super thin. This smartphone has 2GB of RAM so playing games with this phone is not a problem.
Here are some specs of this amazing ELIFE E7 MINI
 screen size: 4.7-inch 720p IGZO touchscreen
 storage: 16GB 
 battery:   2200mAh
 OS: Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) OS with Amigo 2.0 UI, 
 SIM: Dual 
 It supports 3G, it has Bluetooth 4.0 and Wifi ready.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Magnum SPhilippine smartphones are getting more affordable and super fast.  In the Philippines those who are looking for
smartphones with functionalities of  the Iphones and Galaxy series are now enjoying the presence of country's local smartphones, which can be bought in a very affordable price. Now, Cherry Mobile is adding new and fast smartphone in their arsenal of android phones, the Magnum S.  Other local brands such as the Myphone and the Starmobile are also   releasing their own octa-core smartphones that is why the competition of Android phones in the Philippines is getting more tense.    But for Cherry Mobile their Magnum S is a superior one, why? check out the specs!  And one more thing this is the cheapest Octa-core smartphone in the Philippines.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Good news ZOPO fans the ZOPO ZP980 and the C2 are now with Gorrilla Glass Screen and with additional improvements on the specifications here are the following:
+ Screen Size: 5-inch
Color Support: 16 Million Colors
Screen Technology: LTPS2.47mm Narrow Frame
Screen material: TFT, Corning® Gorilla® Glass 2 
+ Display resolution: FHD Super Retina Display 1920*1080 pixels, 441PPI, OGS

Furthermore this phablet has fast processor, the MTK6589T  Turbo1.5 Ghz chip, it has a  2GB RAM, 32GB ROM  and with an amazing  ultra-thin body.  It rocks with a 13 MP camera and powered by Android 4.2.

                                                               Watch the video

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

 Zopo ZP990
 Zopo ZP990

Good day guys today I am going to talk about this amazing new Phablet that has everything you need for a Phablet, the Zopo ZP990 Captain S.  I would say this is an amazing phablet for a very affordable price, it has longer battery life better than those of Samsung phablets perfect for gaming and watching videos.  Plus this phablet is equipped with Corning® Gorilla® Glass  and that is Awesome!   Hence the battle for phablets are getting stronger one thing that most competitors missed to give more feature is the phone camera, the ZOPO ZP990 Captain S is equipped with 13MP rear camera so you would enjoy taking quality pictures in low light and while on the go.  This is the perfect phablet with  fast performance and bigger space to store your data, so get it now, ZOPO ZP990 Captain S.  

Visit ZOPO'S authorized shop: 
To be able to get a discount type the coupon: ZP990AUG06  Duration: September 6th 2013. 

Sample Camera output from ZOPO ZP990 Captain S:

Check out the specs to know more about this awesome gadget!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Starmobile a Philippine smartphone brand hit the market again with a super affordable high-end smartphone, it has impressive features that I would say can make you mama proud. I am talking about the new Starmobile Crystal, yap this smartphone has the taste of Samsung S3 in terms of Camera and style, it is powered by a 1Ghz processor with a powerVR GPU, so your gaming would never be disrupted.  The starmobile Crystal has 8MP rear camera and it is really it 8 MP with touch focus and autofocus. Though this smartphone has great features I would always require you to check the pros and cons of starmobile cyrstal so that you your self would think about it before getting one.

  Pros and Cons Video

Friday, January 4, 2013

Smartphone enthusiasts out there this is the right time for us to explore on this new smartphone platform that soon will rob the popularity of Android and the IOS.  I am talking about the Ubuntu for smartphones, this is one of a kind mobile operating system it has interesting features and its fast, it has a very cool and user friendly UI, I would say more classy and fast than the Android.  

Friday, December 28, 2012

Meizu China just introduced a concept of the first tablet of the hottest China brand, the Meizu Max.  It has been the talk of the town that this Gadget will sure surpass the popularity of Ipad 4.  Here are some of its sneak specs, this Gadget has a 13 megapixel back camera with LED, that's awesome huh! It has touch focus,autofocus and more, wow!  This tablet has 2560 x 1600 resolution display, and what is cool guys this Tablet runs on  Flyme 3.0!
It is slick and light, well anyways it is just a concept by Meizu and I am sure they are going to make it done.  Meizu sells quality and affordable phones in China and most of their smartphones have features which can surpass the ones of Samsung and Apple.  So stay tune for more about Meizu Max!

Monday, December 17, 2012

China is releasing numerous hot smartphones this month such as the OPPO find 5, Vivo X1 and the UMI X2, what is funny is that these smartphone brands are new compared to the most trusted ZTE and HUAWEI.  Chinese are smart and thrifty buyers they don't spend their money just for the brand name, and in order for ZTE to join the race is to come up with high-performance smartphones.  The ZTE Nubia Z5 is their new flagship that will try to put the throne of OPPO Find 5 down.  It has powerful specs for a price of 2,500 yuan, that is indeed a wow for most Chinese.   Check out the sneak specifications of this ZTE Nubia Z5!

Good day Gadget lovers the battle for the next year top smartphones is about to begin and Sony is on the tail  of Apple in terms of market share, but in terms for the best smartphone that is reserved for the millions of smartphone enthusiasts.

Sony bombarded us with power Xperia series with remarkable specs but affordable prices and the the only I don't like with Xperia series is the fact that they all have similar designs, sometimes it is very  confusing.  Now Sony would hit the market with another powerful smartphone in line with their power Xperias, the

Sony Xperia Yuga. 

Check out the Sneak Specs of the is awesome Sony Xperia Yuga!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Apple is very much concern on their sales share in China, it went down 3.76 percent at the close of the Nasdaq exchange on December 2012.  Apple and some marketing experts may have different explanations on this matter, but the simplest cause could be their products and the delays of its released.  

China is a country of gadgetry they don't just use gadgets but they tend to love and become a fan of it, and that is why in most cases they imitate it. The sliding down of Apple's share in China could be contributed to the timing of Apple's new lines of gadgets such as the Iphone 5, Ipad 4, Ipad mini and Ipod touch 5 to the country.  When Apple was busy delaying the release of their Iphone 5, Chinese Apple users were sick of waiting and started to sneak on Samsung stores.  Chinese mobile phone makers took advantage of the situation and used the Samsung 4G phones as their benchmark for their own flagship phones. 

Monday, December 10, 2012

Cloudfone Thrill 500G is one of the cool and affordable android smartphones from Cloudfone. What is interesting with the Cloudfone gadgets is its feature.  The Cloudfone thrill 500G has a 5" Capacitive touch screen and it has a 1Ghz snapdragon processor. It has dual-sim card slots and running under Android 4.0, watch the video for the demonstration of the his awesome smartphone.

Cloudfone Thrill 500G Hands-on

unboxing of Cloudfone Thrill 500G

Monday, December 3, 2012

I would say that UMI X2 is the new China phone that can make you wild, it has awesome specs that most users are very proud to talk about. China smartphone makers are also competing with other China brands, they never stop making slick phones that puts the battery to jeopardy. Well, anyways they don't worry about it, its not them who will experience the problem of low bat capacity but the users.  UMI X2 is another flagship phone with a remarkable spec, it is slick and fast and it has cool design like the S3.  Let's check the specs who knows we get wild too like most Chinese users.  ha ha!

N7100+, the Amazing Galazy Note 2 Clone

China never runs out of latest clones of what ever is hot in the market today, they know how to clone almost everything, maybe soon they could clone you ehehe, just joking.  Anyways, we all know the latest Galaxy Note 2 and we all know that the Galaxy Note 2 has great specs from its hardware to its OS. Well, China just made their own with a whooping specs too and it runs on the latest Android OS, this amazing phone is powered by a dual core 1.2Ghz processor! Wow! What is amazing guys this ripped-off is worth $199 only.

It has WIFI,Bluetooth and more check the specs below for more about this phone.   

Cloudfone Thrill 430x

Everybody is looking for a smartphone that has a battery life that can reach more than a day, but that is hard to find at this moment my friend, we have to wait 2 more years before we could get a slick smartphone with days of battery life.  But, there is one smartphone from Cloudfone that tries to shorten the waiting, I would like to introduce to you Cloudfone Thrill 430x, yap there is thrill because this fone or phone has the battery life you ever wanted.  The Cloudfone Thrill has 3-days battery life, is that awesome? Yes indeed!  And not only that, this smartphone has 20-days standby time, cool huh!  Cloudfone Thrill 430x is a very affordable phone running under Android 4.0, it is powered by a dual core 1.2Ghz Snapdragon Processor.   Cloudfone Thrill also has 8 Megapixel back camera with auto-focus, touch focus,etc.  It has a  perfect screen display, the whooping 4.3" IPS QHD Capacitive display.  Awesome!

But check this out, Cloudfone has some cons too, it's a bit heavy because of its huge battery and it is a bit bulky so it is not slim.For more about it, just visit any RC Goldlines branches in the Philippines for more info of Cloudfone Thrill 430x.

Thanks to RC Goldlines BQ and ICM Branches in Bohol,Philippines.

If you are looking for a budget smartphone that has the specs of those smartphones that are hitting the market, such as the Samsung S3,Iphone 5, the Xperia series, etc. Well there is one from MyPhone that has the power which can give you the same enjoyment with other power smartphones, the MyPhone A898 Duo.  Myphone A898 duo is equipped with a 1ghz dual-core processor and it has PowerVR GPU so you won't experience troubles when you play games with this gadget. It has 3G, WIFI, latest Bluetooth and a 5MP back camera with touch focus and autofocus features, awesome huh!  Myphone A898 duo is very affordable, you can buy this in Myphone Philippines for about $180 only.  Get this phone right now and fast!  Myphone A898 Duo.

Visit Myphone BQ Bohol, Philippines for more information of Myphone A898 Duo, Thanks to Nica.

Watch hands-on demo of Myphone A898

Thursday, November 29, 2012

I have been writing reviews about latest and hot phones from China and when I visited a Myphone branch in one of the beautiful islands in the Philippines, I was fascinated by their smartphones. The Myphone is a known mobile phone company in the Philippines and for the past years the company has never attempted on making android smartphones,not until this year.

Myphone introduced a series of Android mobile phones and one that I had a chance of  reviewing was the Myphone A919 Duo.  It's a fast smartphone which has a 5" dimension it's close to become a tablet but it is a smartphone that has the taste and style of the S3.

Well let's check the feature of this awesome smartphone.