Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Should women wait for the right guy?
Should women wait for the right guy?
Should women wait for the right guy? That is the question that we are going to give a damn time to answer.  Ok, let's start first by talking to whom this question is address to.  This question is not for those high school kids who are about to enter a romantic  relationship, or some divorced moms out there.  This is for those twenty something to middle-aged women who are heart broken, but hmm yap it can be applied to anybody.  Anyways,  let me start by sharing that should it worth to wait for the right guy, or should I say is there really a right guy?  When a woman experienced pain from separation, it feels like it is the end of everything and so with the guy, but when it comes to acceptance that you guys are no longer together, well it depends on how you handle the situation.  I am no psychology shit, but my experienced thought  me a lot and not only that, I have also did some observation and analysis to some of my friends in terms on how they cope with their situation and be able to feel love again.  
The truth is when you are heart broken you are just using waiting for the right guy as an excuse.  Because, what really is in your heart is either you want him back or you want to move on.  That is the truth sistah you are not waiting for the right guy, but simply just lying that you are still in the world of sadness.   Now, let say you are done with your past and you want to have a new guy in your life, should you  wait for the right guy?   The reason why there are so many women that they reached the age of 30s and yet not married, that is because of that excuse.  Waiting for the right guy, waiting for the right person.  Are  you really waiting? Because what really you want is a guy that is someone who has similarity to your ex, or someone better than your ex.   So, how can you find the "RIGHT GUY" if you are trapped from your past.  I was heart broken for 4 years, imagine that 4 years that I f@#kn wasted.  I could have somebody already in that 4 years, but the reason I could not find the right one, is because that I am trapped from my past relationship.  That is the mystery of Love that when a person is in love his or her world is magical, and once gone  it is like hell.  When we read books about relationship, breakups, separation, etc. they always give us wonderful advises, something wonderful to adopt and keep telling us that wait for the right guy to  come.  Is there an advise from those books that can bring back those years you wasted? None!
Should women wait for the right guy?
So, here is my point of view - the moment we  are born in this world it is all about survival, survival for life and for love.  We go to school and get job because we want to earn so that we can buy food, clothes, etc. and that's survival for our life.  When you are cared, love and protected from your parents and friends that is survival for your heart, and the outcome it makes you feel happy and motivated. So, what will happen if you are thrown in the jungle ----  you'll find ways to survive right? And that is the same when you are heart broken you have to find your coping mechanism that will make you happy again.  So, get out from your room and start a exploring the beautiful world save your heart from pain starting from feeding it with appreciation on everything, such as appreciation when a guy smiles on you, says hello on you and buys you a drink.  

They said that the best way to cure pain is to love again, and that is true, but how if you are trapped from your past.  Here are the things you have to think about --- We are getting older every second, do not let you past consume your years in this world.  Each one of us has a market value in the eyes of the opposite sex, the younger you are the higher your value and that gives you many guys to choose. But if you keep wasting your years the fewer it will become.  So, set aside your past and enjoy life mingle with people, do not let your past interfere with the present, when somebody court you and there is no spark, well that is because you let your past interfere, select the one who knows to make you smile.  Think positive in all things you have and you should be happy that someone is there to comfort you in a different way and in a different style.  Do not make your past as your standards, every guy is unique! And stop thinking that the right guy will come soon, that is bullshit!--- Because the right guy is just beside you --- your past is history and the moment you let your past ruin your chance of getting a new guy in your life, it is not just your happiness that is wasted but your life too.  Always remember life is short!!! :)