Saturday, September 6, 2014

For those who are new to Adobe Photoshop and wants to edit their Photos to look nice by eliminating the harsh contrast,dullness,etc of the picture, then I have here a basic guide on how to achieve it.  The run down tutorial is easy to apply on your Photoshop and you don't have to worry with the version of your software.

Photoshop features applied
1. Adjustment - Curves ( increase Brightness)
2. Adjustment - Curves (adjusting Red,Green,Blue)
3. Adjustment - Gradient Map ( Play with Presets or or have your own colors)

4. Play with the Blending Mode on your Layers panel that will add magic on your picture
5. Adjustment - Levels (To add contrast)
6. Adjustment - Exposure (to create vignetting effect)
7. Filter - Gaussian Blur (note: reduce the opacity) then erase those areas that you want to remain sharp.
8. Filter - Surface Blur (Optional but it can soften the background and skin, but don't forget to reduce the opacity when applying this)
9. Filter - Smart Sharpen (Adds sharpness to your photo)
10. You can play around by adding new layer and put some gradient effect and then play with the blending mode on your layer window, that will give you some great results