Thursday, September 4, 2014

Glamour skin glow tutorial
Glamour skin glow is the new trend in editing beauty queens and models and so many photographers wondered on how to achieve it, well I am going to give you a rundown guide on how to do it.  The video is a bit short and fast, and some parts of it were taken out to shorten the length, Youtube won't allow my account to exceed 15mins.  Anyways, I am just going to give you some of the things I used and applied during the editing.

Software used:   
Adobe LightRoom - this is optional, but I used this so that I could easily remove the noise and adjust exposure, sharpen, etc.
Adobe Photoshop CS+ version  with Nik Software
 For Nik Software, I applied the following filters in order:
 1. Detail Extractor or Dark Contrast  - Brings out the details
 2. Dynamic Skin Softener or you can also use blur Gaussian or Viveza structure option
 3. To adjust brightness you can use the Viveza then select brightness
 4. Glamour Glow filter - Adds glowing and shadow effects (make sure you adjust the shadow,highlights and saturation
5. Photo Stylizer effect  - that would bring the glamour color of your subject ( Make sure you adjust the strength)

Optional steps that you can use with Adobe Photoshop
1. Adjustment - Vibrance and saturation ( Brings out the quality of the color)
2. Filter - Blur - Gaussian Blur  (Adds softness)  Just erase those areas that needs to be sharpen such as the eyes, ears, hair,etc.
3. Filter - Sharpen - Smart Sharpen - That will add sharpness to your picture
4. Adjustment - Exposure - (I used Exposure to create vignetting effect)

Hope you learn something from the video, I will just make a new one soon with proper instruction on the processes.  Thank you very much!

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