Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Sony A7 - Best in extreme low light photo and video

If you are a photographer most issues that you always love to tackle are more about  lenses, size and quality of the camera sensor, durability of the camera and its performance.  But when talking about low light most of you guys will start talking about lights, camera flashes, etc. Now,what if you are a videographer or a dslr film maker, your common concerns are always about how to reduce or remove the noise in low light situation without using artificial light sources.  We all know that Film making is far different to Photography, creativity in film making is on how you able to capture sharp clear videos in natural light, that is why most film makers are looking for super expensive
lenses and bigger frame dslrs because they thought it is the best solution for the noise on their videos, but hey most popular dslr cameras can only give you good low light videos in ISO less than 6400 and going up is a suicide.   Sony is making something big in the DSLR video making by releasing the Sony A7 mirrorless DSLR camera, this is a real monster camera for video makers out there!

This camera has a 35mm sensor with large pixel resolution so that it can handle High ISO settings,
it has a 12.2MP sensor optimized for 4k and extreme low light situation.

Low Light demonstration by Philip Bloom
Another thing I like from this camera is its AF in light and in low light.  A7 is a camera changer for those serious video makers out there who are tired of shifting lenses and using of artificial lights to solve the noise in low light situation.  I am not going to talk more about it's specs but just watch this video that I just found on youtube that demonstrated the Sony A7 capability in handling extreme lowlight situation and with ISO higher than what's in your current camera now!