Monday, July 7, 2014

There are so many GoPro alternatives now a days and most of these sports cameras are made in China.
The boxes of these sports camera are so deceiving, it would make you get your pocket and purchase the item.  Well, the price is very affordable, but it has so many false details on the box of these Chinese sports camera such as in SJ4000.  SJ4000 doesn't have a 5MP CMOS sensor, it's only 3MP CMOS sensor and another thing it does not have the real 60fps.  But because SJ4000 is able to give you an impressive 30fps 1080p HD video the sports camera became the best GoPro alternative.
With the popularity of SJ4000 exploded almost anywhere in the planet, more Chinese sports camera sprouting to join the competition and they promise us with Wifi feature which is something you cannot find with SJ4000.  So here is another one this sports camera is called WDV5000 WiFi Action Camera, It does have a good 1080p video but the sound and some features are very poor.

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