Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sports camera is trend now in video journalism and of course in sports videography why? Simple, it's handy,
water resistant up to 60 meters and its gives  you super sharp video in 30 to 60 frame per second.  Every guy who loves adventure wants to get this camera but the problem is the price.  Yap, that is right Gopro Hero camera series are no cheap at all.  I think the lowest price is $200, but that's the oldest model the latest models such as the Hero 3+ silver and black would cost you $400 to $500 dollars and not to mention the accessories, so super expensive too.   Now, I am going to share to you the best alternative or should I say slight rip-off of GoPro, the SJ4000 sports camera.

SJ4000 has a super sharp 30 frame per second HD camera and it has a free LCD so you can see the result of your video.  SJ4000 can reach 30 meters down the sea and still giving you great sharp videos.  Well, if we compare this to GoPro, Gopro is still the best because it has better sensor and other features, but SJ4000 is a descent sports camera for a price that you can afford.

Good day guys China is making another rip-off phone of Samsung and that smartphone is no other than
the latest in the market now, the Samsung Galaxy S5.  The China ripped-off is called Goophone S5 and it runs in Android 4.4 Kitkat and boy this is a fast fake S5  you will definitely experience some problems in comparing this smartphone with the original Galaxy S5.  The Camera of this Goophone S5 is very sharp and crystal clear and it is also excellent in low light smartphone photography.  Now, here is the most amazing part, the price --- this smartphone is very cheap


and that's a wow!

Here is the complete specs of the Goophone S5

Basic Information
Model     Goophone S5 Pro
Band     2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
3G: WCDMA 850/2100MHz
Sim Card     Single Sim
Service Provide     Unlocked
Style     Bar
Color     White/Black
Shell Material     Plastic

OS     Android 4.4 kitkat OS
CPU     MTK6592, Cortex A7 Octa core, 1.7GHz; 
ROM     8GB
RAM     1GB

Transformers 4 - why you should not watchTransformers 4: Age of Extinction is the latest installment of Michael Bay's Transformers series. The film is set four years after the battle of Autobots and Decepticons in Chicago.  In the Age of Extinction the U.S. government has cut its ties with the Autobots and branded them as criminals, while a group CIA men in black, called "Cemetery Wind" was hunting the remaining Autobots and they were aided by Lockdown, a Transformer bounty hunter who deceived the humans with transformers technology by giving the humans the so called "the Seed", the thing is a bomb that would  turn the world  into a machine world thus annihilating all living things on the planet.  The movie is full of fast and amazing robot stunts that will blow your mind, great cars in the film and amazing casts and if you are fan you gonna love it!  But if you are an observant moviegoer there are so many scenes from the film that will make you feel --- "You are watching the most dumbest film of the year".

Here are the scenes that I would say so stupid to watch.

Transformers 4 - why you should not watch
Which among these cars will transform?

 In the first few minutes of the film and even in the past series of Transformers, no one knows that Optimus can fly to the space and that is why he was hiding and running to escape from the hunters in the Transformers 4.  But, it was so stupid to watch him fly at the end part of the movie, he should have done that earlier to escape from the hunters and probably all those big destruction in China could have been avoided.

Mark Wahlberg in the movie was just an inventor with no training in military combat.  But, watching him joined Optimus battling against the newly engineered robots, he turns out like the Operator in the movie "Lone Survivor".  He knows how to dodge alien lasers and bullets, he knows how to fire his weapon with confidence, he knows how to fight back and was able to win a man to man combat with a CIA operator.    

When Mark Wahlberg successfully saved her daughter after being trapped in Lockdown's spaceship, he then decided to help Optimus Prime and his autobots voluntarily leaving his daughter behind with the boyfriend he dislikes --- Mark was just met Optimus that day, he doesn't even have the same relationship as Sam Witwicky, and how stupid he suddenly decided to sacrifice his life for the alien robots he just met. 

When Lockdown's spaceship was doing the vacuum-and-drop in all things on the ground while our heroes were escaping in a small car, it was so funny to watch that boats, buses and trucks so close to them were easily vacuumed while our heroes car was excluded.  

The battle between Autobots and Galvatron's transformers took place in a China town, but I noticed there were no Chinese Military or Police to help those poor civilians---- The battle was long and the destruction was huge but you could not see a single Chinese soldier standing there.  China has the highest military spending and they have the largest military population ---- where are these soldiers hiding? I have read in Wikipedia that  the McCormick Place in ChicagoIllinois, was redressed to portray a city in China.

When the battleground of the transformers was moved to Hong Kong, many Chinese Generals were shown and we thought  that they would do something to help the Autobots or whatever, but we were wronged  they were just bunch of extras  doing the amazing cat walk.   They even had no idea what was really happening in China and in Hong Kong, hmm is that how weak Chinese Military intelligence?

Furthermore, I have seen so many Raptors flying around in Hong Kong? Are those Raptors just playing around with Lockdown's spaceship or Chinese J-20?  Because it does not look like J-20, and much worst those fighter jets didn't even fire? 

We thought Galvatron is stronger than Lockdown, and Galvatron's role was so quick, we thought we could see more of his advance weapon....but what a hell, he turns out a coward Megatron... what a shit!

Transformers are becoming fashionistas, in Transformers part 1 to 3 we had problems in identifying which car from the highway  would transform to robots because the cars were not obvious back then.  Now, in Transformers 4? When you see a Bugatti Veyron or a Lamborghini Aventador blending with  cheap cars ---- then you already know those robots disguising as cars.  

At the end of the movie Optimus was acting like a president giving speeches again for the humans, but with mostly Chinese audience. He is a super alien robot --- he could have translated those words in Chinese.