Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Goophone I5S Specifications
  • Manufacturer: Goophone
  • Model: Goophone i5S
  • Phone Style: Bar, multi-touch screen, 4 inch Capacitive touchscreen
  • Operating System: Android 4.1.2 OS
  • Processor: 1GHz Dual-core MTK MT6577 chipset
  • Screen Size: 4-inch oneglass touchscreen
  • Display reulotion: 854*480 pixel (dual-core version)
  • Color Support: 16 million colors
  • Screen Technology: Multi-touch screen
  • Camera Resulotion: 5MP rear camera + 1.3MP front camera, digital zoom

Everybody now is interested to buy the latest flagship of Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy S4.  The smartphone has the best and latest features that is far from its predecessor and for those game lovers out there the S4 is more ideal because its fast and it has a new screen feature that will make everything cool.  But getting this S4 will drain your savings, its expensive but its worth buying.  So, if you really want to get your own S4 look a like then there is one from China,  the HDC Galaxy S4.  This smartphone is fast, it has a 1.2Ghz Quad core processor with 1GB Ram, check the specs for more about it!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

The battle for the finest and fast smartphone in the planet is getting stronger, last year Apple introduced the Iphone 5 to put the S3 away from people's imagination so Samsung is boasting their research for a better and cooler phone to beat the Iphone 5, which I know is planning to release a 5S version soon.  Samsung released the new Samsung Galaxy S4, a powerful smartphone their new flagship with style and speed so what's with the new Samsung Galaxy S4? Check it out!

The Galaxy S4 is the latest flagship of Samsung and I am sure everybody will start craving for this new smartphone.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

While the world is still hoping to get the Iphone 5, Apple is about to give us something new soon for their hot selling smartphone, the Iphone 5S.  When a new upgrade of their smartphone comes an S version would surely follow shortly and if you are a wise buyer -- you better wait for it.

Iphone 5S is a lot powerful compared to its predecessor and I think this would be S-version of Iphone with tons of new features, its like making an Iphone 6.  But hey what I am sharing to you are just rumors.  When Iphone 5 was released it was criticized by many because it lacks some features that Samsung S3 has, but anyways still fans are dying to get it.