Monday, February 25, 2013

Good day Gadget talkers and stalkers out there, today I am going to talk kinda new topic in Gadget world and that is photography and speaking of Cameras, the Nikon D7100 is something that will make you awe .  Nikon released new cameras for 2013 and the D7100 is their another hot camera for semi-pro DSLR cameras.  It has has great features and it is light so I am going to give the best key features of this awesome Camera.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Starmobile just recently released something very hot for this year, the Starmobile Flirt, their new flagship and guess what it has the best features that surpass what S3 and Iphone 5 have in terms of performance and camera.  The Starmobile Flirt is very affordable it only cost 9,290 pesos that is less than $300.  The Flirt has 12 MP camera, wow! And this smartphone runs on the latest Android.   So let's check the specs of this smartphone before buying it.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Philippines is a country with so many cases of death caused by health problems and what is worst the country spent billions of pesos to cater the needs of every citizen.  Health is wealth in the Philippines, and though every Filipino is aware of the importance of health their lifestyle is a problem. Filipinos love spicy,salty foods and what is worst Filipinos love to eat almost every time.  Based on many cases of health issues in the country a healthy Filipino would start experience heart,kidney,liver,etc. problems when they are at the range of 26 - 35 or lower than that in some provinces.   Many blame their lifestyles and though they are correct with their reasons, its a bit too late to start over for a healthy lifestyle.  A person who is a hard-smoker for 5 to 15 years would not instantly stop the addiction, just because he was told to do so by his doctor, eventually he would follow the doctor's advice for  a couple of days and after that it would be his will again. Middle aged Filipino patients are very difficult to handle, they don't listen to their doctors most of the time and  they don't easily  abandon their cravings for smoking,spicy foods,drinking etc. and that is why their are many recorded deaths in the Philippines caused by different sickness contributed by their vices.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Ipad Mini 2
Just few months ago everybody was busy talking about the Ipad Mini, some loved it, some did not appreciate the specs, but what we did know is that Apple is making the best for the coming months ahead.  Techie people out there are aware that Apple is saving the best for the next version and that is right Ipad Mini will be something awesome, here are some great leak specs from the upcoming Ipad Mini 2.

The source states that the iPad Mini 2 will pack with 7 and 9 inch display, cool huh! It would have an upgraded resolution of 2048x1536 pixel density.  What is cool guys with that resolution It would have a 324 ppi  Retina Display and that is great you would have a great experience taking pictures with your Ipad Mini soon.  Now let's talk about gaming -- Ipad Mini 2 will give you quality graphics and speed, the tablet has a quad-core GPU configuration!! Wow!