Friday, January 18, 2013

Anybody who has a smartphone can be a videographer and  can make great short films or videos for youtube like a Pro.  But, there are problems that most smartphone users experience when recording videos with their mobile phones and one is "the shaky scenes!"  Most mobile phones does not have stabilizers and even it has camera stabilizers still you would experience the problem and that's because you simply record videos without steadicam.   So what is steadicam by the way? Steadicam or Steady cam is some sort of a camera stabilizer this would isolate the camera from the cameraman, as well as improve the camera's balance, to minimize shakes and shocks, especially if you are covering some scenes with mobility.  There are so many Steadicams but are designed for DSLRs and camcorders, though there is one for Iphones - the smoothee, but it cost you $163.  

Well, steadicam is not that difficult to make what you need is simply a wooden stick,bar pipes,broomsticks,etc. then you need some weights, anything which would not hurt your muscles in my homemade steadicam I used weights in 2lbs or less that is perfect for smartphones. 

I want you to check the video below for some examples of Steadicam for smartphones:

Steadicam using recycled stuff part 1

Steadicam using recycled stuff part 2