Friday, January 18, 2013

Anybody who has a smartphone can be a videographer and  can make great short films or videos for youtube like a Pro.  But, there are problems that most smartphone users experience when recording videos with their mobile phones and one is "the shaky scenes!"  Most mobile phones does not have stabilizers and even it has camera stabilizers still you would experience the problem and that's because you simply record videos without steadicam.   So what is steadicam by the way? Steadicam or Steady cam is some sort of a camera stabilizer this would isolate the camera from the cameraman, as well as improve the camera's balance, to minimize shakes and shocks, especially if you are covering some scenes with mobility.  There are so many Steadicams but are designed for DSLRs and camcorders, though there is one for Iphones - the smoothee, but it cost you $163.  

Videography is the fantasy of many new growing youngsters who are dreaming to make their own videos or films, but the problem is the equipment for the film such as the camera.  With the growing popularity of Indie films everybody can now make their own movies and I can give you the list of the hottest Digital cameras which I believe can help you out for your low budget movie and these cameras can give you the result you wish to have.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Google Nexus 7 Clone - Ainol Novo 7 Venus
Gadget lovers we are now back on the track for giving you the best clones of China gadgets, couple of months ago China released hottest Gadgets such as the Oppo find 5 and the Goophone I5.  Hence tablets are not that popular in China, their expert copycats are able to clone the Google Nexus 7.  Google Nexus 7, is one of the hottest affordable Tablet in the US with superb specifications and made by Google.  But the Ainol brand, a known tablet brand in China is able to make a clone of it with much power specs than the original, Google Nexus 7.  Check it out!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Good day tattoo and anime lovers let's get straight to our topic, most young adults and teens today are collecting so many action figures of their favorite anime characters and some are not just collecting but also imitating its looks and moves.  Anime is the trend now in animation and Japan made it popular, it surpass the popularity of most Disney characters.  Now, if you really wan't to put your Anime passion to your existence then have it as a Tattoo.  Yap, that is now the trend in making your favorite anime to be with you forever is by putting it in your skin.  But here are some tips and suggestion:

1. Tattoo is very hard to remove and if you are as young as 14, don't dare to try, you may use Henna for temporary tattoo of your character.

2.  If you are decided have it place on your arms and back, make visible and cool to see.

Rurouni Kenshin wallpaperRurouni Kenshin is the most awaited and most favorite real-life movie of the anime "Samurai X". Samurai X was the most popular anime in the late 90s and early 2000, and if Naruto anime was shown at that time the Battosai series would surely smash it with Kenshin's  Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū technique, :) I am just joking what I am saying the Samurai X is a well-loved anime and favorite manga and anime series by most anime lovers and adults.  Everybody loves the story and the action of the legendary battosai, it has a mix of history, Samurai myths and the superb samurai action.  Now, after many years Japan made the real-life movie with a story from  the anime itself and what is interesting the cast are amazing they act and look similar to the ones in the manga.  If you are a true Samurai X fan you would agree on me, when I interviewed some fans about the film they love the action and the story-- the samurai battle is amazing! Very Fast and very accurate! It's like you are watching real ancient Samurai warriors. The film left many fans hungry for more action and a continuation.   So I made some great Wallpapers for you to enjoy!

Monday, January 7, 2013

If you are looking for a monster phone that has the specs that will make you wild, I would say get this Xperia Z.  Sony Xperia Z is a monster smartphone it has the battery life that would last 2 to 3 days, a 13MP camera with a burst mode feature awesome! It has HD video recording with touch focus and more, it's a helluva phone.  Hey, I might just exaggerating here, but I am just giving you what to expect from this smartphone. Sony does not to get lose from the smartphone competition so this is what they offer to us, their new flagship with hot features. 

Starmobile a Philippine smartphone brand hit the market again with a super affordable high-end smartphone, it has impressive features that I would say can make you mama proud. I am talking about the new Starmobile Crystal, yap this smartphone has the taste of Samsung S3 in terms of Camera and style, it is powered by a 1Ghz processor with a powerVR GPU, so your gaming would never be disrupted.  The starmobile Crystal has 8MP rear camera and it is really it 8 MP with touch focus and autofocus. Though this smartphone has great features I would always require you to check the pros and cons of starmobile cyrstal so that you your self would think about it before getting one.

  Pros and Cons Video

Friday, January 4, 2013

Smartphone enthusiasts out there this is the right time for us to explore on this new smartphone platform that soon will rob the popularity of Android and the IOS.  I am talking about the Ubuntu for smartphones, this is one of a kind mobile operating system it has interesting features and its fast, it has a very cool and user friendly UI, I would say more classy and fast than the Android.