Tuesday, October 2, 2012

China is known for making ripped-off smartphones and their fake phones are great, I have tested their Iphone 4s ripped-off and I am proud to tell you that its durable and with great features comparable to the Iphone 4s, but it only runs on Android OS.  Two months ago there were five different clones created in China and the most hot among all the clones released was the Goophone I5, which is said the most interesting copy of Iphone 5.  But China is not all about ripping the works of others there are also great companies in China that promotes quality and originality, and one of these companies is the Xiaomi Tech.   During the time when Iphone 4 and the Galaxy S3 were introduced to the market Xiaomi Tech did their homework too, to develop their own quality smartphones and in fact they had successfully market their smartphones such as the the Xiaomi Mi1.  But they have failed to reach the level of popularity of Iphone and Samsung.  Now, Xiaomi Tech released a powerful and stylish phone that could beat the superiority of Iphone 5 and the style of Samsung S3, the Xiaomi MIUI 2.

 The Xiaomi MIUI 2 or Mi2 has the quality,durability and style that can be equaled to Iphone 5 and Samsung S3, the company had aimed before that they would beat Samsung S3 on their new phone and yes with the great features of Mi2 it really does.

The Xiaomi Mi2 has almost the specs of Samsung Galaxy S3, such as the quad-core Snapdragon processor, the super crystal clear camera  and more.

Xiaomi Miui2

Xiaomi Miui2

Xiaomi Miui2

Storage size: 16 GB
Front camera: 2 MP
Back camera: 8 MP
Battery:  2000 mah
OS: Android 4.1

5GB of free cloud storage, it also has a voice assistant feature like the ones in IPhone and S3.

 Now here is the more interesting part, the price!  This phone is worth $316 only and this is already unlocked and contract free