Friday, October 5, 2012

Oppo finder 5If  have not heard the brand smartphone oppo finder then maybe your mind is corrupted by the big brands such as Iphone and Samsung,etc.  Oppo Mobile is one of the big mobile phone companies in China and for your information Oppo Mobile is the first company that introduced that thinnest phone in the world and until now not single western and Korean phone have beaten their Oppo finder smartphone.  Everybody is talking about Iphone 5 and Samsung S3 but what they have not know that Oppo finder secretly developing their own power phone which could kill both top brands, the Oppo finder 5.  The phone all the remarkable specs that you are looking for a smartphone, the LTE, NFC, HDMI and screen dimensions are packed in this slick smartphone.  Yap! and what is amazing this phone remains the thinnest in the world plus it has very wide display, first in the smartphone world.

If you wonder where could they get the design, well the design looks similar to those Iphone 5 concepts submitted by different artists who were waiting for the release of Iphone 5.  I thought that those concepts would be the design of apple Iphone 5, but hey -- Oppo take advantage of it.

Iphone 5 concept design
Iphone 5 Concept Design on youtube

The Oppo finder 5 equipped with amazing specs that I would say perfect for business and entertainment it runs on  the latest Android 4.0 operating system with power processor 1.5 Ghz.  It's good too good to be true.  This is the talk of the town  in China and everybody is anticipating for this phone to be released in the US and some parts in Asia. So stop talking about which is best Iphone 5 or Galaxy S3, I want you to check this smartphone first before giving your verdict.

Oppo finder 5 specs

There you have it, Oppo finder 5.  Watch the video for more about this phone.