Saturday, October 6, 2012

submit sitemap to yandex
One way to improve your SEO is by submitting your sitemap to various Search Engines and most of us submitted our sitemaps only to and  What we did not know that the world of searching is not limited to Google and Bing, there are so many search engines that holds massive searchers and feed seekers.  We have the Baidu from China and Yandex from Russia, these two search engines are noted as top search engines in the world.  Putting our sites on these popular non-english speaking search engines would probably increase our traffic.

But there are things to consider:

1. It would be better you make landing pages with Russian or Chinese contents on it.
2. Make sure you have this on the top of your index page  -
3. Add some translation plugins or widgets on your index page.
4. Make sure you already have sitemap.xml

Let's start!

1. Use Google Chrome web browser for this tutorial
2. type:

Note:  You are required to sign up to Yandex, you may use your twitter or fb account for registration.

The rest of the instruction are on the video that I prepared for you guys, just click the video below and follow the steps.  I would like to apologize for the quality of the video I was using ordinary cam for the video.

Once you are done adding your sitemap, proceed right away to and have your sitemap use in Baidu search engine.