Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Everybody is waiting for the Ipad Mini and Apple just released it with a very positive welcome by many techie people, but what most people did not know that Apple had also announced the Ipad 4.  The Ipad 4 is going to hit the market with powerful specs which would definitely rob other tablets with their sales. The Ipad 4 will be equipped with Apple A6X chip, they said that the chip is a a super fast one, and not only that the Ipad 4 has LTE and HDMI, and that is awesome! But Ipad 4 has some cons that would also put many consumers into doubts.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

I love magic shows in TV and in stage shows but almost all magic shows  that I had seen were just considered trick because magicians need to cover their subjects before they do the impossible that gives the audience a point to doubt, whether they are doing a real magic or just a trick.  We all know that most magicians are just trick masters, they used stuff that can be explain by science or what ever man made gadgets, but recently I had seen one great magician from China on the youku video site who really did some creepy magic and I could not find any way to explain that awesome magic.  This Chinese magician is simply cool and just used whatever available materials he could find with his audience, well of course his audience are mostly those who are passing by and the footage from youtube and youku were taken from ordinary video camera, so it is very impossible that his magic are just tricks.  This Chinese magician has able to put the  banana inside the watermelon and vice versa  in seconds -- awesome.  He could shake the green peas on your dish, He could open your can coke without touching the opener, etc.  This guy is a master of illusion... Awesome magic!

Watch some of his videos in youtube:

Fruit Tranfer

Everybody is talking about tablets now a days instead of notebooks and that is because notebooks could not do better, it's slow, bulky and heavy, but what techie users missed that Asus is trying to change that perception towards notebook.  Asus released a remarkable notebook that has the taste of tablets and much more.  If tablets could only give you limited features, this notebook will give you the power and speed of a regular laptop with a taste of a tablet.  The Asus Taichi 21, the first time I heard this notebook I did not give much attention, but when I was looking to its specs I was awed.  The Asus Taichi 21 is light and ultra thin just like Macbook air - awesome, with great features that will enable you to play HD games, such as the modern warfare series.
taichi 21

The Asus Taichi 21 has a dual touch display so you can play your gadget even without flipping its cover great!  It runs with the latest Microsoft Windows 8!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Hello Gadget lovers! Ipad Mini is the new sensation that everybody is waiting to hold this coming month and I am sure it will be a hit just like the Iphone 5 and the Ipod touch 5.  Everybody is expecting something great from the soon to come gadgets, so are some things that you need to know about Ipad mini.

It has been rumored that the price is cheaper than the known hot tablets that we have right now, such as the Kindle Fire and the Playbook, but if the price is being trimmed that means the Ipad Mini would not be that kind of device that you have expected.  Ipad mini has no LTE it means it is not 4G, its only 3G and more!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Iphone 5 CloneIphone 5 becomes the top talk of the town smartphone after its launching last September and before the phone was released to the market China company had successfully marketed their version of Iphone 5, the Goophone I5 and the world thought that only Goophone can challenge the ripping of Iphones. But we are wrong another manufacturer of ripped-offs just launched their own clone of Iphone 5 and successfully released their own version, the Thunderbird I5 LTE.  Awesome! this phone has a remarkable feature that can compete with Goophone's I5 in fact it has cool specs that surpasses what Goophone I5 has.  

Here is interesting you can get this phone for a price of $299 only!
search for

Saturday, October 6, 2012

submit sitemap to yandex
One way to improve your SEO is by submitting your sitemap to various Search Engines and most of us submitted our sitemaps only to and  What we did not know that the world of searching is not limited to Google and Bing, there are so many search engines that holds massive searchers and feed seekers.  We have the Baidu from China and Yandex from Russia, these two search engines are noted as top search engines in the world.  Putting our sites on these popular non-english speaking search engines would probably increase our traffic.

But there are things to consider:

1. It would be better you make landing pages with Russian or Chinese contents on it.
2. Make sure you have this on the top of your index page  -
3. Add some translation plugins or widgets on your index page.
4. Make sure you already have sitemap.xml

Friday, October 5, 2012

Oppo finder 5If  have not heard the brand smartphone oppo finder then maybe your mind is corrupted by the big brands such as Iphone and Samsung,etc.  Oppo Mobile is one of the big mobile phone companies in China and for your information Oppo Mobile is the first company that introduced that thinnest phone in the world and until now not single western and Korean phone have beaten their Oppo finder smartphone.  Everybody is talking about Iphone 5 and Samsung S3 but what they have not know that Oppo finder secretly developing their own power phone which could kill both top brands, the Oppo finder 5.  The phone all the remarkable specs that you are looking for a smartphone, the LTE, NFC, HDMI and screen dimensions are packed in this slick smartphone.  Yap! and what is amazing this phone remains the thinnest in the world plus it has very wide display, first in the smartphone world.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

We thought that only men love tattoos on the neck, but i just found out that women with neck tattoos makes them look awesome and cool. So what is neck tattoo anyway? Neck tattoos are those tattoos which are located below the chin to the collarbone. Though this area is not typical for placing tattoos, it is now the trend by many tattoo lovers, why? Because it is a strategic area to place some artworks and its cool. 

Neck tattoo DesignsMany women preferred having neck tattoo because they can easily cover it with their long hair, but before you get your neck inked, make sure that you are 100% sure about it. We all know that anything you put in your face and neck are the most easy to see when you are presenting your self to the anybody.

China is known for making ripped-off smartphones and their fake phones are great, I have tested their Iphone 4s ripped-off and I am proud to tell you that its durable and with great features comparable to the Iphone 4s, but it only runs on Android OS.  Two months ago there were five different clones created in China and the most hot among all the clones released was the Goophone I5, which is said the most interesting copy of Iphone 5.  But China is not all about ripping the works of others there are also great companies in China that promotes quality and originality, and one of these companies is the Xiaomi Tech.   During the time when Iphone 4 and the Galaxy S3 were introduced to the market Xiaomi Tech did their homework too, to develop their own quality smartphones and in fact they had successfully market their smartphones such as the the Xiaomi Mi1.  But they have failed to reach the level of popularity of Iphone and Samsung.  Now, Xiaomi Tech released a powerful and stylish phone that could beat the superiority of Iphone 5 and the style of Samsung S3, the Xiaomi MIUI 2.