Thursday, September 27, 2012

When smartphones such as the Iphones and the Samsung phones were first introduced to the consumers mobile phone makers had promoted that size is one big factor in getting the attention of the buyers.  The smaller the size the more it attracts buyers,and they were right about it, cellular phones from the early 2000 started to shrink to give users the comfort to hold their devices and be able to place their phones anywhere on their pockets.   Everybody was fascinated by the change of the size and weight in most cellular phones, then came the WIFI.  With the dawn of the mobile internet, cellphone manufacturers started to change again the looks and style of their phones, they had removed the keypads and replaced it with multi-touch screens while maintaining the size and weight of the phone.  The  consumer welcomed the changes, people loved it! It was perfect.  They said that a perfect mobile phone with mobile entertainment  should be within the  length of a cup, but now why most mobile phone makers started to enlarge the sizes of their mobile phones?  Why smartphones started to grow again? What could be the main reason?

If you read articles or reviews why Samsung introduced Galaxy S3 with a huge screen, they would say to give the user the comfort and quality of the display when watching videos. Do you believe that?

When you talk to apple marketers they also have similar explanation, and its bull-shit,  people bought smartphones for one main reason, communication and for some other stuff, but not for watching videos or playing games. If that's the case I should have spent my $900 Iphone for some Sony PS3s or Xboxes.  Smartphone makers tried to fool us with their fake reasons behind the growing sizes of their products.

The real reason is very simple ------ Advertisement! or ADs

Mobile technology is fast growing and everybody is moving towards it, the growth of mobile technology affects many businesses,search engine giants, etc.  People are now lurking the net through their smartphones and not on their PCs, so it means only few can view business ads on the websites, and if there are ads on the mobile pages its space and size are not conducive for mobile readers.  Facebook is affected, Google is affected, Yahoo, Apple and other companies that markets online are affected.

Their solution is simple! Enlarge the screen --- Ads can be seen clearly and everybody will be happy,except to the owner of the phone - do you think it is worth to call it a phone if it has a size of a notebook?  Think again.