Friday, September 14, 2012

By: Ocee
Wow! Nice! Those are the expressions you would be receiving when you let everybody see your huge tattoo in the butt. But be reminded that not all would be amazed of that body art of yours, especially those who are health conscious people; you see sometimes artworks could give a great deal of attraction and fascination but in exchange of health issues.  But anyway, every being has the right to do what they think would give them the joy to enjoy life and art and that goes to butt tattoo.  Tattoo is one of possible choice on how to express and utilize your own body for self-satisfaction.
Usually tattoos are commonly place in the arms, wrest, legs, at the back, chest but not common in the butt. Because tattoos are the sum of all of what you believe-in and what you’ve felt that satisfies your ego.  If tattoo is some sort of expressing one self then why it has to be in the butt where it is usually hidden to the public, well that answer is - everything that is hidden is always enticing and surprising, and having a tattoo placed on your butt is cool. 

To all tattoo fanatics who are wishing to have a tattoo on their butts, here are some pros and cons:

* Look sexy and adorable (much more if the design is pretty), so it can attract both men and women.
* It gives you more confidence and self-satisfaction.
* Unique (Not common spot and rare).
*For Women who have a butt tattoo get more attention and attractions to men.
* Show more excitement to whom you like to know and see your tattoo.
* It can be a tool for a sexy woman to be more attractive.

* Possibly can acquire disease due to your body is the direct tool (butt portion of your body).
* Addictive, costly, painful, unpleasant.                
* As you age tattoo become distorted and your skin will be saggy.
* Not visible you can’t easily show it to everyone.
* Because of the unusual spot of your body, the process will be a little bit painful.
* It will become ridiculous when showing it along with your crack butt.
* Although it is sexy but men also become conservative when thinking about a wife material (not a wife material).

So visit any tattoo artist and have you butt tattooed!