Friday, August 31, 2012

Iphone 5 is the latest trending in smartphone competition this year, not to mention the troubling news of the Samsung's lose to the patent case with Apple in both US and Korea courts.  Apple fought hard for the patents of their gadgets with Samsung, but they failed to include the rip-off makers in Shenzhen China.  Goophone had released numerous Iphone, HTC and Samsung clones for the past two years and the brand have caught the attention of many local and international buyers in Asia and Europe.  Goophone used online stores and youtube to do marketing  for their products and what is interesting they would tend to compare their smartphones with the original ones, and that is awesome.  Imagine I could own an Iphone clone for a surprising price with features and weight identical to real Iphone.
courtesy of Goophone

Goophone had successfully promoted their Goophone Y5, a clone of Iphone 4S running under Android 2.3 with 1Ghz processor.  The rip-off is popular and it received good feedback from many buyers and 3rd party sellers, in fact Goophone got numerous orders from international phone sellers. 
Now, Goophone released another interesting clone, the Goophone I5 which said has the look and style of Apple's Iphone 5.  Apple promised that they would release the phone on September 12, 2012 with surprising features but  Goophone just  released their own Iphone 5 clone, they claimed that their replica would position to beat Apple Iphone 5 market in Asia.

Goophone I5 features are just upgrade of their Goophone Y6 (Iphone 4S replica with 3D feature, 1.2ghz processor and 8MP camera), but I don't think that Goophone I5  features similar to Iphone 5.  Many have expected that Iphone 5 is designed to beat what Samsung S3 has, the slickness, speed, battery life and screen display.  Goophone I5 has 1.2Ghz processor with 8MP camera, 1G ram and  it runs on Android 4.0 but the UI is in IOS.  If you have tried the Goophone Y5 you will be amazed by the feature of it.  Goophone I5 will surely make you wow with the new features better than its predecessors.

photo by Goophone

photo by Goophone

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