Friday, August 31, 2012

Iphone 5 is the talk of the town and every Iphone fan out there is now gearing and waiting for the phone, but we all know that Apple is very secretive with their gadget features until the phone is released. But anyways Gadget talk will give you what to expect from Iphone 5.

Basically Iphone 5 is much different from its predecessor, but the looks and taste is still related, following the Iphone trademarks.

So here are the features to expect from Iphone 5:

Screen display:
Iphone 5 used OLED display with ratio measures 90.25mm long and 4.065 inches across, this gives a resolution ratio of 16:9 best for HD videos, movies, games,etc.

Iphone 5 is the latest trending in smartphone competition this year, not to mention the troubling news of the Samsung's lose to the patent case with Apple in both US and Korea courts.  Apple fought hard for the patents of their gadgets with Samsung, but they failed to include the rip-off makers in Shenzhen China.  Goophone had released numerous Iphone, HTC and Samsung clones for the past two years and the brand have caught the attention of many local and international buyers in Asia and Europe.  Goophone used online stores and youtube to do marketing  for their products and what is interesting they would tend to compare their smartphones with the original ones, and that is awesome.  Imagine I could own an Iphone clone for a surprising price with features and weight identical to real Iphone.
courtesy of Goophone

Goophone had successfully promoted their Goophone Y5, a clone of Iphone 4S running under Android 2.3 with 1Ghz processor.  The rip-off is popular and it received good feedback from many buyers and 3rd party sellers, in fact Goophone got numerous orders from international phone sellers. 
Now, Goophone released another interesting clone, the Goophone I5 which said has the look and style of Apple's Iphone 5.  Apple promised that they would release the phone on September 12, 2012 with surprising features but  Goophone just  released their own Iphone 5 clone, they claimed that their replica would position to beat Apple Iphone 5 market in Asia.

Author: Teepot
The RH Bill is a big Issue right now in the Philippines and I know in some other countries in the world.  So what's the big deal with Abortion?  It's a big deal because it is murder.

Because of the rapid growth of the population, which is resulting to overpopulation, people are starting to have second thoughts about abortion. Looking at abortion from different perspectives, killing a baby will never be removed from that act no matter what reason you provide. It is disappointing how people nowadays can’t face the consequences of their actions. Why will you have sex if you know, and yes you were fully aware of what will happen, that you will get pregnant and you will have a baby which means another mouth to feed, another life brought to this world, loads of responsibility are going to be on your shoulders because you are the parent and once you find out your pregnant, you don’t want to own up to it and you think of aborting the baby.
Abortion procedureYou should’ve said no. You should’ve known better. You think that if everybody finds out you’re pregnant, you’ve brought dishonor to your family’s name, that people will talk about you, and that they’ll start to look at you differently. Sadly, truth be told, yes. They won’t look at you the same anymore, they will talk about you, and you’ve brought disgrace to your family but don’t you think that’s already enough? Imagine what people will think, what they will say, and how much more disgrace you will give your family if you kill that baby in your womb BY CHOICE. The fact that you made a mistake is bearable, much better than killing a life which cannot protect itself.

Author: Teepot
Sometimes we wonder whenever we see a couple wherein the guy is a western man (he could be American, French, or Canadian) and the girl is a Filipina. We all know the negative street talk about this kind of relationship but we shouldn’t always look at it that way. In this article, we will look at it from a different perspective. 

We will tackle why the man decided to be with that woman. Well, obviously the man isn’t racist. That’s for sure because he wouldn’t dare go near a Filipina if he was.
A Filipina is known to be very hospitable (Filipinos, actually.) She is family-oriented, loving and caring towards her family members, respects her elders, and fears the Lord. She is humble in terms of race, she knows the stand of her country, but that doesn’t mean she is ashamed of being a Filipina. A Filipina has moral values and sticks to it.

author: teepot
We often find ourselves in situations wherein we can’t take it anymore and the thought of giving up, of letting go, is somehow the only thing left to do. We all know breaking up with a guy isn’t easy. The thought of telling him that you don’t want to be in a relationship with him anymore and the guilt of hurting his feelings just kills you inside because you know that there was a time he was the only reason behind your smile.

Tough decisions are called tough because they’re not easy to make. It’s not easy to regret because once it’s done, it’s done. We can never take back the things we’ve said and we can try to fix things but they will never be the same way ever again. So it’s better to think things over before actually doing them. First of all, why do you want to break up with him? You need to keep in mind that your boyfriend has feelings and compared to bones, human emotion is much more, much, much, more fragile. Make sure that your reason is valid if you know what I mean. In other words, once you break up with him, because of your reason, he would actually understand why you’re doing it which is better since it will leave no room for any arguments. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Love life: Ready, set, not yet! Why not now?
by: Teapot

When it comes to things such as love, rushing into it isn't such a good idea. In every aspect, rushing when it comes to love is a really bad idea no matter what the reason. Whether it may be peer pressure, sexual frustrations, insecurity, or even if you think you're already old and that you need a partner pronto. Love is something that comes to you. It doesn't happen instantly. That's why there are "love stories" because a lot of things happen before it comes. When someone asks your love story and you're like "Uhh, I don't know. I saw her, she looked good, and then I fell in love with her and that's it." The person listening  to you would instantly think that your relationship doesn't have a good foundation and will conclude that sooner or later, your relationship will collapse.
Here's the thing, love isn't made for just boyfriend or girlfriend, or sex, it is made for something beyond that. It is made for marriage. The thought of being with someone for the rest of your life. Being there, not giving up on that person no matter what. In good times and in times of complete hopelessness. If you don't see your current boyfriend or girlfriend as your future husband or wife, then let go. Maybe you're thinking, what if she's really the one? But in the long run, we must always think of what’s best for us and what’s best for the one we love.

Teenage Pregnancy and Pre-marital sex
Author: Teapot

The continuous search for love and contentment gives us the idea that if we're in a relationship, we instantly get these things but no we don't. The love we are looking for, the attention we seek, the contentment we keep on searching for can not be found in another person. Why is it that we look for love? Why is it that we crave for attention? Because we don't get them from the people who are supposed to be giving it to us and that is our families or whoever matters to us the most. A lot of teenagers feel so unloved, feel so ignored in their own homes that they've decided to look for it outside of their homes.

We find a partner yet it is not yet enough. Here's the thing, love is always enough. Enough to forgive, enough to understand, enough to trust, enough to change a person. Yet why are we hurrying? We all know that sex is supposed to be after marriage yet if love is enough wait, why can't we? Is the love not enough? Pre-marital sex, and then when the girl gets pregnant the guy suddenly disappears, the relationship collapses and we end up with nothing but regrets. Now, can you still call that love? There is a right person out there for you and you should know that. Here's the thing, if you are aware that the right is out there and you believe that someday, somehow you two will meet, you will reserve yourself because we don't want the right person to receive what is left of us.

Just because you’re single, doesn’t mean you should be sad
Author:  the Teapot

In the world we're living in today, having a partner is pretty much a big deal. It's like everywhere we look there are couples holding hands, guys holding their girlfriends' handbags, and other actions that show "affection". Single guys and single girls often go "chick hunting" or even "Hot chunky man hunting" just to find a partner. This boyfriend-girlfriend trend has taken over the minds of our youth. I'm not saying that it is bad to be in love or that love is bad. But the fact that we can't be satisfied with being single is bad because it is unfair to look for contentment and satisfaction from other people.
We all have this idea that we will be happy when we have a boyfriend or a girlfriend. And to most single people, they feel sad and degraded whenever they see a couple. Being in a relationship doesn't instantly mean that you are happy. Because no matter what, if you're not happy with what you have, if you're not happy with yourself, you will never be happy with or without a partner. Sooner or later you will come to realize that you aren't contented with your partner and that will lead to cheating which will lead to more problems. We have to know that it's better to be happy alone rather than be with someone, yet you're unhappy.

Friday, August 10, 2012

 The heavy rains that struck Manila causes the flooding, many people attempted to seek Government assistance and their desperate situations.  Many vehicles got stalled or there was no place to go but wait until the flooding subsides. Waist-deep floods are affecting the city. Anyways, the government is doing their best to contain flooding and be better prepared for when heavy rains and storms strike again. However, there is still a need to rigorously implement effective measures to handle flooding issues that still take a heavy toll far too often. But even do the capital of the country is suffering a lot from the flooding her people are doing their best to continue their lifestyle.  It is not the nature of a Filipino to join the agony of the situation, but they are just simply expert on finding ways to enjoy life even in a desperate situation.