Tuesday, July 3, 2012

There are many websites out there created using free blogging sites such as Wordpress or Blogger, but the most common problem after you have your blog site is the traffic.  I am sure you don't want to have a blog site that only you who keeps visiting it.  I am using Blogspot for my websites, before I used to have a paid website but I noticed that there is no difference when it comes to SEO.  To gain traffic to your website depends on how you market your website or blogsite and how you fill your site with your contents.  So I will give you some tips on how to boost the traffic of your Blogspot site the proper way around.  

1. Have an SEO friendly Blogspot template
    -  SEO friendly blog template has navigational links, header, footer and the design is content rich.  You can find free SEO friendly sites anywhere on the net just search in google.com, "SEO friendly blogger template."

2. Add social networking buttons on every content.
3. Add pictures on every content with description on every picture.
4. Add good keywords on every content and bold and enlarge it.
5. Always put to digg and twitter your posting.
6. Join forums and put your link on the signature, join on any discussion which you think interesting or not.
7. Add some articles reviewing a top-selling movie, product or something then put the link to your facebook wall.
8. Create a youtube video review of that top selling movie or product then place your link on the description.
9. Join any Educational website and put your link on your profile.
10. Join top Search Engine directories, such Google, Yahoo, DMOZ, Bing etc.  Do not expect they will approve you right away but  just wait you will see.
11. Join Blog directories and Top blog portals.
12. You may backlink your site through comments but please do not make duplicate comments. 
13. Always add new content and do not plagiarize. 
14. Read SEO related sites they will give you good advices to improve your site.
15. Do not trust the Black Hat SEO -- you may try their methods, but just be careful because once google caught you, your site will be blacklisted. 

Those are some of my techniques on how I get my ranking.  Do not expect that you can get the traffic right away, but if you follow those simple steps  your traffic will grow day by day.