Sunday, July 1, 2012

I been writing so many reviews and topics about gadgets and relationship issues but I seldom write about optimizing websites or blogs.  I been into web development and blogging for many years and I guess it is rightful to share good tips to those aspiring bloggers and webmasters who are dying looking for solutions on how to improve the SEO of their blogs and websites.  Well you are on the right page of knowing how to improve your site.  My blogs got good traffic, though not that high but constant and I was able to obtain it because of some techniques that I used.  So just follow my advices and after a month you get a good ranking.
      This is easy and you can do it with your own blog or website.  I am using blogspot and many have said that blogspot is not ideal for SEO friendly blogs like wordpress.  But I would say they were all wrong my blogger blogs reached rank 2 and 3 and I have blogger articles that reached rank 4.  So what is the technique?  Simple, when you make a blog make sure you have the following on your blogs html code:

Do's in making your Blog SEO Friendly
  1. Good description with top keywords on it.
  2. Blogger Name should be short and keyword form - example
  3. Use good keywords on your post - find it at google adwords get those keywords with high search results.
  4. Add navigational bar at the head and the footer
  5. When you add post make the title big and bold 
  6. Highlight some keywords on your blog post
  7. Add breadcrumbs - you can customize your blog code by adding breadcrumbs, there are websites that will give you tutorials on how to do it.  Just search in google "How to add breadcrumbs to blogger"
  8.  Please related articles at the bottom of your blog post
  9. Join top Search Engine directories, such Google, Yahoo, DMOZ, Bing etc.  Do not expect they will approve you right away but  just wait you will see.
  10. Modify your blog to have your blogpost title first followed by blog title on your your browser title bar.  There are sites that will teach you how to do it.
  11. Add social networking buttons on your blog post and on your blog itself. (Facebook,Twitter,Google Plus,etc)
  12. Join top blog submission sites - ex:,  Note: Not all blog submission sites are seo friendly.  To make it sure search in google "Top Blog directory good for SEO"
  13. Join .Edu/.Gov sites and add your blog URL and blog post URLs
  14. Join review sites and comment on products and place your URL
  15. Healthy Backlinking - means writing appropriate links with good comments or description not spamming similar comments to different sites. 
  16. Install SEOquake on your browser to monitor your site performance
Don'ts in making your blog SEO friendly
  1.  Do not spam - it is a NO NO to Google or to any top Search engines.  If they caught you they will ban your URL.
  2. Do not let someone do auto backlinking on your site - it is not healthy.
  3. Do not spam facebook with your links -- you can only share your blogpost twice every week.
2. Speed up your Blog
    If you think your blog is slow than you better and SEO weak go to the google webmaster will advice you on how to improve your blog they will give you great tips on how to improve it.  If you are done with Google Webmasters go to that is where I tested the speed of my blogger site.  If you get score close to 100 then your website is OK, but if it is 70 below that is something that need to be fixed.
3. Original Content
    This is the most important part in your blog.  What ever you do in step 1 would only give you little success if your posted articles which are copied from other sites.   But there is a solution if you really want to get some thoughts from other sites.  Actually I have so many articles on my site which are from other sites, but I did not simply copy and paste the article, I did some some modifications
  1. Revise the content
  2. Change the title
  3. expand the thought
  4. Add questions to get reader interaction
  5. Do not copy articles with good page ranking
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