Monday, July 16, 2012

People are looking for jobs that can give them good benefits and of course good money.  Yes indeed there are so many jobs out there with lucrative salary ranges, but you are working like a caveman.  If you are contented with this kind of  lifestyle then go for it, no one would dare to stop you, but always remember that you are a human being not a horse. Man! Get out from your cave  and  enjoy the fruits of your hard work, time to change the game, it should be something that could make your social life a bit fun and healthier.  Work work work can only give you money, but zero life  --- Life is not just being physically alive, but its also psychologically,emotionally,spiritually and socially alive.  Balance, is what you need! Work alone would drag you to certain depression and soon health problems.  So here are some good jobs with great income but life can be lonely. 

1. Accountant 

2. Technical Writers

3. Software Developer / System Analyst

4. Graphic Designer

5. Medical Laboratory Technician

6. Security Analyst

7. Architect

Those are just some of the jobs that gives stressful work and less social time. It is like you are working in a huge building with nobody else around but only you operating that shitty machine.  Most people who are working in those kind of jobs are alone in their workplace.  It is not because they wanted to be alone, It is because the job requires them to be in  their full mental presence and focus.  Well, being an accountant it doesn't mean you could not have a life? There are so many accountants, writers, programmers having good times in their lives.  The point is, make a balance, budget your time for work and social life.  The world is fun to live in, that is why you may wonder why a poor guy is more happier than a rich programmer, that is because he has plenty of time for himself than of his work.  Blend with other beings in this planet, get socially involve in many things in your office, school, peers, whatever. Life is short so make your life brighter and happier one, get out from your cave and have a good life.  Remember this, there are many who are dying on their death beds now are regretting how they spent their lives when they were young.