Saturday, July 14, 2012

If your phone is from China then you have bigger problems on how to improve the Camera display of your China Android phone.  Most China Android phones have 5 to 8 mega pixels but the output looks like VGA or 2MP.

This tutorial is applicable to all China Android brands especially the Iphone, Sony,Samsung clones.
So for those who are using Goophones, Gooapple, HDC, Star, Sophone, Dami,etc.  You are on the right spot!

Things to know:

* There is no Hardware problem of your phone - those copycats in Shenzhen,China did not lie on their claimed that your phone has 5MP or 8MP main camera.

* China Phones have Focus feature for Video and Camera - we must just find the perfect app to enable it.

* Your Phone RAM is not enough to run apps with high-resolution camera effects, that is why the built-in app of your phone's camera is very bad.

* Chinese engineers did not include quality video apps on your phone because it will eat your RAM and might crash your operating system.

Things to do:

*  Simply download the apps to improve camera and video output.  There are so many Camera apps in Google Play, but it lacks the Auto-focus feature for the Video or Camera, thus giving us blur results.   I had scanned Google Play for quality apps commercial and free - and there are two which I think perfect for the china phones.  But, it could hang-up your Android if the the RAM is filled up.
I have tested the two apps and I am satisfied with the good results. 

Camera Apps to improve your Video and Camera with auto-focus feature:

lgCameraPro - This is what I am using now it has Zoom and auto-focus feature for Camera and Video.  What makes this App interesting is that it will not crash your Android system.  The Auto-focus can be configured to continuous or Manual - just like the samsung and Iphone. Make sure your China phone is using Android 2.1 +.

You may get the file here:

Zoom Camera ProHere is another Android App suitable for your China Phone it has auto-focus continuous feature for both Camera and Video.  This phone has tons of effects to handle different modes. I favored this one before LGcameraPro, but when I added effects on my Video, the system crashed.  If your system crashed just simply restart your phone, and if the error persist when you opened the Zoom Camera Pro just uninstall and install it again.   

You may get the file here:

Here is the tip for this App if you installed on your China Phone:   Do not change the settings, the default settings are the only settings your phone can handle. 


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