Wednesday, July 4, 2012

If you are a die hard blogger who used Blogspot to post your high quality articles to earn from Adsense then you are on the right spot.  Blogspot is the perfect Blogging site that will give you the best dashboard to handle all your write-ups and images.  Another thing that I like from Blogspot is the traffic statistic, here you could see how your blog perform on the Net.  Google gave us a perfect hang-out for our articles so let's utilize it well with our adsense.  If you just know how to play with your Blog SEO you could earn more with our adsense, but it requires proper placement of  your adsense ads on your blog.  So try to customize your ads arrangement to make it more visible to the reader.

How to arrange your Ads on your blogpost

1.  Place the ads within the post itself.  ( I read many tutorials on how to do it, it may not be that simple but it can be done.  If you want me to do it for you just message me.)

2. Blend your ads color to the Blog theme.

3. Add Link units at the Top after or before your  Blog post title.

4. Use large Adsense ads - its perfect for your organic traffic ( visitors coming search engines )

5. Join  - you can put your adsense there and you can link all your blogs with adsense.  It's perfect to boost your SEO and Adsense Income.

6. Join - you can put links of our blogspost and you place your adsense ID here. 

7. Join - you can earn and you can post your articles.  But do not copy your blog posting to hubpages they will mark it "duplicate".  I used hubpages to do commenting only and leave my links there.

8. Add Adsense feeds and put the RSS link on your blog home page.

9.  Always add social networking buttons to promote your blog.

10.  Keep writing good and quality articles.