Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Google Penguin SEO tips for Bloggers
By: The scanhead

Good day bloggers today we are going to talk about SEO tips to beat Google Penguin for your Blog site.  Google penguin is the reason why your traffic is decreasing drastically and it is hard to recover if you don't have any idea on how to face the new Google Algorithm.  The main reason Google launched the Penguin is to punish those who are violating Google way of doing SEO.  You see a lot of us are doing black hat SEO stuff, and that hurt Google a lot.  So Google wanted to get rid of those sites that eats up the traffic because of  Black Hat and gives fair competition to the rest of SEO players.   Though that is sound interesting and fair, but if you are studying SEO for many years that is some sort of throwing away all the efforts you been doing before.  As most Google Penguin experts would say - "To beat Penguin is to make a site with no SEO at all!"

What can we do to our blog to make it Penguin friendly?

1. Do not put so many keywords on your content.
2. Do not hide keywords on your title that will make it irrelevant to the content.
3. Make your blog post original and at least more than 150 words.
4. Make sure your blog is free from misspelled words  and grammatical errors.   Well, penguin is not that really strict to grammatical errors but they can identify sentences and paragraphs which are created by article spinners.
5.Make sure your article is unique, you better run your blog post at www.copyspace.com to check for duplicate contents.  If you have let's say 10% duplicate contents that is still safe but just do not make it higher than that.
6. You may still use header tags on your write-ups, just don't abuse it - highlighting all the keywords on the content.
7. Make your title clear and readable.
8. Do not let someone do the backlinking for you - do it manually, using black hat software is very dangerous to your ranking.
9. Just be patient and let google do the indexing of your site - Penguin loves innocent article, free from any optimization.
10. Mind the loading speed of your blog site.
11. Keep writing the best and new articles.
12.  Penguin Algorithm is telling us to write and write and do nothing to optimize your site.  Something like that, so if you want to get visitors use social networking sites they are safe and reliable.

Good luck and I hope your block will grow and soon would earn traffic!