Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I been doing SEO for two years already and I have trusted so many advises on how to boost the ranking and traffic of my site from many SEO experts.  But just right after Google launched the Penguin algorithm my blog site was affected.  Luckily not all blog postings I made violated the Google Penguin, but still my blog site had experienced doing black hat SEO, such as back linking, spamming, content spinning and keyword stuffing.  It would be difficult for a website to survive if majority of your traffic during the Panda days were coming from the black hat SEO.  So a lot of things to be done for you to regain your loss traffic again, but as Google said, it's not really a problem though it's time consuming, you just need to make your blogsite remove from any violation and your traffic would start rebuilding.
One thing for sure, Google Penguin is Page base so just do the right thing on every article and Google would love it. 

Here are things that can help restore the traffic of your Blogsite:

1.  Remove or Stop keyword stuffing on your post  -  Many writers still believe on this idea, but this is a trap.  Do not do this technique anymore,  it cannot be avoid that you have keywords on your article but Penguin can identify those keywords which seem redundant and irrelevant to the title and content.

2.  No Keyword stuffing on your Blog title and backlinks - Simple title, clear and short is enough to describe your content.  You can have a 15 character long title just make sure you don't fill it with unnecessary keywords. 

3.  Have a unique and lengthy article - If your article was limited to 50 words or shorter and with keyword stuffing on it.  Well, that could have been the reason your blog post was penalized.   Start writing a good and lengthy article, have it minimum of 150 words and with good title and pictures. 

4.  Do not do article spinning - If you want to spin an article make it sure the result is unique.  

5.  Do not trust backlinking sites - If you want Google Penguin would smile on your blogsite then stop entrusting your blogsite to any backlinking site.  Backlinking sites are good in backlink spamming and article spinning using different backlinking software - a no no to Google Penguin.

6.  Trust Social Networking sites - link your site to any networking sites, it's healthy to Google Penguin, just do not abuse it or your social networking site might ban you for excessive tagging of your links.

7.  Keep writing and writing for more good articles