Monday, July 16, 2012

People are looking for jobs that can give them good benefits and of course good money.  Yes indeed there are so many jobs out there with lucrative salary ranges, but you are working like a caveman.  If you are contented with this kind of  lifestyle then go for it, no one would dare to stop you, but always remember that you are a human being not a horse. Man! Get out from your cave  and  enjoy the fruits of your hard work, time to change the game, it should be something that could make your social life a bit fun and healthier.  Work work work can only give you money, but zero life  --- Life is not just being physically alive, but its also psychologically,emotionally,spiritually and socially alive.  Balance, is what you need! Work alone would drag you to certain depression and soon health problems.  So here are some good jobs with great income but life can be lonely. 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

If your phone is from China then you have bigger problems on how to improve the Camera display of your China Android phone.  Most China Android phones have 5 to 8 mega pixels but the output looks like VGA or 2MP.

This tutorial is applicable to all China Android brands especially the Iphone, Sony,Samsung clones.
So for those who are using Goophones, Gooapple, HDC, Star, Sophone, Dami,etc.  You are on the right spot!

Things to know:

* There is no Hardware problem of your phone - those copycats in Shenzhen,China did not lie on their claimed that your phone has 5MP or 8MP main camera.

* China Phones have Focus feature for Video and Camera - we must just find the perfect app to enable it.

* Your Phone RAM is not enough to run apps with high-resolution camera effects, that is why the built-in app of your phone's camera is very bad.

* Chinese engineers did not include quality video apps on your phone because it will eat your RAM and might crash your operating system.

Samsung S3 is today's hot selling smartphone but the price is high.  But if you are really a Samsung S3 fan you won't think about the price, the phone is worth the price.  It is designed to match the Iphone series or much worst to shake the Apple's Iphone 5 rumors.  Yes indeed, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is better than the Iphone 4 and 4s it has cool features that can make you say wow!  If Apple Inc. could not surpass its feature then S3 would be the 2012 best smartphone.  China is trying to steal the market again by making their own version of Galaxy S3.  The country is expert in making rip-offs, they pioneered the selling of fake products, they have successfully created fake Iphones  that run on Android OS now they have fake Samsung S3.

Read the specification:

Good day students! I know you have a hard time constructing an ERD (Entity Relationship Diagram or Model) of your project.  Well, it is indeed a bit difficult to construct an ERD out from a scratch, but it can be easily done without wasting so many symbols and time.  You see our books are telling us the standard procedures on making ERDs but they haven't thought us some guidelines on how to start and that's where we make mistakes in the process.

So here are the requirements before I would start my tutorial:

1. Basic knowledge on ERD symbols and usage.
2. Knowledge on relationship cardinalities.
3. Basic knowledge on Normalization at least 1st or 2nd normal forms.
4. Business rules of the project.  -- this is important!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Google Penguin SEO tips for Bloggers
By: The scanhead

Good day bloggers today we are going to talk about SEO tips to beat Google Penguin for your Blog site.  Google penguin is the reason why your traffic is decreasing drastically and it is hard to recover if you don't have any idea on how to face the new Google Algorithm.  The main reason Google launched the Penguin is to punish those who are violating Google way of doing SEO.  You see a lot of us are doing black hat SEO stuff, and that hurt Google a lot.  So Google wanted to get rid of those sites that eats up the traffic because of  Black Hat and gives fair competition to the rest of SEO players.   Though that is sound interesting and fair, but if you are studying SEO for many years that is some sort of throwing away all the efforts you been doing before.  As most Google Penguin experts would say - "To beat Penguin is to make a site with no SEO at all!"

I been doing SEO for two years already and I have trusted so many advises on how to boost the ranking and traffic of my site from many SEO experts.  But just right after Google launched the Penguin algorithm my blog site was affected.  Luckily not all blog postings I made violated the Google Penguin, but still my blog site had experienced doing black hat SEO, such as back linking, spamming, content spinning and keyword stuffing.  It would be difficult for a website to survive if majority of your traffic during the Panda days were coming from the black hat SEO.  So a lot of things to be done for you to regain your loss traffic again, but as Google said, it's not really a problem though it's time consuming, you just need to make your blogsite remove from any violation and your traffic would start rebuilding.
One thing for sure, Google Penguin is Page base so just do the right thing on every article and Google would love it. 

Here are things that can help restore the traffic of your Blogsite:

1.  Remove or Stop keyword stuffing on your post  -  Many writers still believe on this idea, but this is a trap.  Do not do this technique anymore,  it cannot be avoid that you have keywords on your article but Penguin can identify those keywords which seem redundant and irrelevant to the title and content.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

If you are a die hard blogger who used Blogspot to post your high quality articles to earn from Adsense then you are on the right spot.  Blogspot is the perfect Blogging site that will give you the best dashboard to handle all your write-ups and images.  Another thing that I like from Blogspot is the traffic statistic, here you could see how your blog perform on the Net.  Google gave us a perfect hang-out for our articles so let's utilize it well with our adsense.  If you just know how to play with your Blog SEO you could earn more with our adsense, but it requires proper placement of  your adsense ads on your blog.  So try to customize your ads arrangement to make it more visible to the reader.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

 They said that blog sites are no match to paid websites when it comes to SEO, well my answer is they are all wrong.  Blog sites can be more SEO friendlier than to any paid websites if you know how to do it.  I am sure that the word SEO is a bit too techie to you, but it is not, it is just some simple procedures that you need to give some time so that you can get traffic your blog.  So let's start talking SEO for  your Blog site.

Steps to make your Blog post SEO Friendly

1.  Check your Keywords on your page - Duplicate keywords will be ignored by most search engines.  Search Engine calls it "Stop words", so remove stop words to gain more viewers.

2. Add only 2 to 5 best keywords that would describe your content.

3. Remove those keywords of special characters.

4. Titles of your post should have keywords on it.

There are many websites out there created using free blogging sites such as Wordpress or Blogger, but the most common problem after you have your blog site is the traffic.  I am sure you don't want to have a blog site that only you who keeps visiting it.  I am using Blogspot for my websites, before I used to have a paid website but I noticed that there is no difference when it comes to SEO.  To gain traffic to your website depends on how you market your website or blogsite and how you fill your site with your contents.  So I will give you some tips on how to boost the traffic of your Blogspot site the proper way around.  

1. Have an SEO friendly Blogspot template
    -  SEO friendly blog template has navigational links, header, footer and the design is content rich.  You can find free SEO friendly sites anywhere on the net just search in, "SEO friendly blogger template."

Sunday, July 1, 2012

I been writing so many reviews and topics about gadgets and relationship issues but I seldom write about optimizing websites or blogs.  I been into web development and blogging for many years and I guess it is rightful to share good tips to those aspiring bloggers and webmasters who are dying looking for solutions on how to improve the SEO of their blogs and websites.  Well you are on the right page of knowing how to improve your site.  My blogs got good traffic, though not that high but constant and I was able to obtain it because of some techniques that I used.  So just follow my advices and after a month you get a good ranking.
      This is easy and you can do it with your own blog or website.  I am using blogspot and many have said that blogspot is not ideal for SEO friendly blogs like wordpress.  But I would say they were all wrong my blogger blogs reached rank 2 and 3 and I have blogger articles that reached rank 4.  So what is the technique?  Simple, when you make a blog make sure you have the following on your blogs html code:

Human Brain Analysis - Man vs. Woman

Women - Multiple process
Womens brains designed to concentrate multiple task at a time.
Women can Watch a TV and Talk over phone and cook.
Men - Single Process
Mens brains designed to concentrate only one work at a time. Men can not watch TV and talk over the phone at the same time. they stop the TV while Talking. They can either watch TV or talk over the phone or cook.