Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Good day Android users if you have problems installing Google Play to your Android then probably you missed a lot of things.  I installed Google Play to my Goophone Y5, this tutorial is applicable to any android phones, but make sure that your Android version meets the requirement of Google play and make sure that you Phone is recognized by Google Play.

Here are the problems that struck most Android users:

1. Device not registered

2. sudden shutting down after installation

I have solved the 2 problems using  the following steps:

1. reinstall or install the following:
    you can download the files at http://colonelzap.blogspot.com/2012/05/thunderbird-4s-rooting-play-store.html
  look for google missing apps.

2. Copy all the files to your SD and install it one by one
3. Reboot your Android phone
4. Make sure Wifi is on, you may turn on your account sync (if your your email is from google)
5. Run Google Play, just follow the instruction you may create an account your simply use your old google account.