Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Good day Gadget lovers! Today I am going to give you a quick guide on how to root your MTK6575 Iphone Kickoffs particularly the Goophone Y5 and the Thunderbird.

This can be applied to Sofone V5 that runs on MTK6575 Android 2.3.6

Word of advice have a back-up of your data first because we will be resetting your phone later and resetting means wiping out your personal data.

Warning: This is a bit risky operation so you be careful and make sure you made a good backup of your phone data.

I got the Goophone root file from the forum it took me a hard time looking for it, but anyways finally we have it now.  The thunderbird root can be searched in Colonelzap blog.

So let's start.

1. Download the file
  if you are using goophone y5  -
  if you are using thunderbird  -

2. Connect your phone using the USB cable and copy the file the root of your internal memory not the sdcard2

3. disconnect your Phone

4. Go to Settings - General - About - Reboot Recovery
    (This will go to the recovery mode of your Phone, you can see an android logo and a warning symbol)

   You can also go to the Recovery mode by pressing on/off switch and the + button. 

5. Press + or - buttons to navigate the menu, select Apply update from sdcard

6. Select the goophone or thunderbird zip file then press the on/off switch of your phone, rooting installation will take place after that you need to wait till its done.

7. Select ../  and press the on/off switch, that will bring you back to the root menu

8. Select Reboot system now.

9. To check if your have a successful rooting look for the superuser app (it looks like an android pirate logo)  If you cannot find that one, you need to Reset your Phone, by going to Settings - General - Reset - Factory Data Reset (Note: Make sure you made a backup first)

10. Hope you did it right!



Anonymous said...

Connect your phone using the USB cable and copy the file the root of your internal memory not the sdcard2
What does this mean sdcard2?

jay said...

I hope you can help me to reboot my phone.

I dont have the “Settings → General → About , Reboot Recovery” on my goophone Y5. I can go to settings, general, about, but the reboot recovery option isn’t there. power on phone while holding down the “Volume +” key isnt working also.
I bought the Phone from last week.

What can i do, and what i have to do first.

Sorry, but do you have a manual for dummy's

Anonymous said...

i have a problem.
after apply update selection,
i have the message.

signature verification failed.
with thunderbirdroot.

thinks for the solution

Himo Serno said...

for the new Goophone i5 it's here: