Saturday, May 26, 2012

Ipad is one of the top gadgets in the world today everybody wants this gadget so much.  So if you are an apple fan my advice for you is go for it. Ipad's popularity is growing rapidly and that is because of Apple's undying innovation to the product.  But the question is, does the product answered all the things you need for a tablet? If it does then you are just a neophyte to the world of gadgets.  Ipad has limitation that prevents you from doing those regular things that you been doing from your computers.

The Cons of Ipad
  1.  No flash support
  2.  You can't use any USB gadgets 
  3.  There is no Multitasking
  4. File management has no Drag and Drop
  5. You can't use your SD card
  6. Very Expensive compared to other Tablets
  7. Hard to customize the software  
  8. It's only best for reading,surfing the net, encoding and games
  9. big enough to be called as portable tablet